Evaluate Your Sex Quotient

You often end up spoiling your dream date with your dream girl or boy? What could be the reason behind your spoilt date? You wore the best outfit, went to the most talked-about restaurant in town, offered the most sophisticated hospitality, but all this just did not work out.

We often tend to think we’re sexy enough to attract and charm our opposite sex. However, it is vital for all of us to know where on the sex ladder we stand. We bring to you this short quiz to evaluate your sex quotient towards the opposite sex.

What do you prefer wearing for your date – a) I don’t care; b) a dress to flaunt your cleavage (girls) & executive suit (boys); c) jeans and a simple top

What can you do to take this relationship to the physical level – a) try to find what goes underneath the clothes..; b) straightaway ask for the place and time; c) gaze at him/her and try to read the other’s mind

What would you do to impress your girl or boy – a) start a romantic conversation and ask for an out; b) speak about your profession and how cool it is; c) speak about your workout and gym regime to stay sexy forever.

How would you introduce yourself to the sexy girl/boy next door – a) ask in a cool manner to hang out together; b) invite him/her for a small drink party with some other friends; c) pass smile always while you pass by him/her.

What SMS would you send to the girl/boy you want to get intimate with – a) Your dreams will be sweet if you find me in them; b) Wish you were with me in my bed; c) Good night and sleep tight.

How do you react to a boring conversation from your potential partner – a) Keep listening and looking deep into his/her eyes; b) Change the conversation and topic abruptly; c) Start looking at other faces in the surrounding.

When you come back from your dream date, what is your reaction – a) You feel content but miss the physical touch; b) You are too tired to think and head to your bed; c) You lie down on the bed and call him/her for another round of telephonic date.

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