Everything You Need To Know About Capri Pants

Capri Pants To start off with, the Capri’s are just another length invention. Confused? By length invention, we mean that Capri’s are nothing but ordinary pants that falls to that part on your leg, below the knee and above your lower calf muscle.

The World Of Capris Pants

Also referred to as three quarters, these pants have made a remarkable impact especially among the girls. They come in two fashions, pleated and flat waist. Every bottom type, in the sense, jeans, formal trousers and corduroys, has carved their way through the calf length pants, the Capri’s.

A Universal Bottom

The advantage of styling it with Capri’s is the fact that you could carry it off well for a formal, informal and business event. Capri’s produced out of corduroys and other formal trouser materials is an ideal wear to your work station (not when you have a client coming down or a meeting though). Three fourths made out of the denim material present an informal but neat look.

Capri Pants

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Grow Tall With Capri’s Pants

Yes, Capri’s could gift you with a taller look. If you have meaty thighs, conceal them under a pretty loose pair of Capri’s. By loose, we don’t mean baggy ones, but the ones that have a wider leg width. This would help in shedding out weight on your thigh not physically but visibly and could also give you a taller look.

If you’re thin enough and have a perfectly toned leg, flaunt it with tight fitting Capri’s. They would make you look taller along with framing your leg. The short ones out there make sure your length doesn’t exceed the calf muscle. The shorter the length, the taller the look.

Capri Pants

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Top It With Style

Capri’s require some standard with the topping. You could look so messy with a smiley tee and formal Capri’s. Your Capri’s deserve much more than that. Match them with the perfect blouse.

Tank tops are the most commonly matched ones. They are very safe choices. You could also go for a semi transparent top that dances to the tunes of the winds, for a beach or outdoors day out.

Capri Pants

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A formal shirt with tie ups is a perfect Capri combination for a formal look. Don’t go too floral with the formal top though. To give yourself some smartness in looks, tuck the shirt into the pant with a thick stylish leather belt

Ground It Right

The footwear you choose to wear with your Capri’s must be given slight attention. Not much to worry here, simple tricks work wonders. Just remember, spare the basketball shoes, however comfortable it may be, to the basketball court.

The same applies to other big shoe fits. If you are bent upon showing off with shoes, then a canvas is the best option you have. But again, canvas can never compliment a formal Capri outfit. Fit yourself into an informal tee, a sporty one rather. Boots and Capri’s is another major fashion disaster.

Capri Pants

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The best way to cover your feet along with Capri’s is by going flat. Flat slippers of any type, be it Ballerina or other, are perfect choices. A low heel one isn’t very bad a combination. So, that was a glimpse of the world of Capri’s- a classy outfit that blends sexiness and elegance.

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Pratik Basu