Exfoliating Your Skin Using A Washcloth

Exfoliating is a major part of the cleansing routine and there are many exfoliators that are available in the market. But did you know that one of the best objects for exfoliating your skin is a simple wash cloth that is found very commonly around your house.

Thanks nubby texture of the wash cloth acts like a natural exfoliant and gives you the same result like any other exfoliant.

Using wash cloth as an exfoliant is

Perfect for sensitive skin, as it does not contain any ingredients that may cause any allergic reaction to your skin. It is also a gentle way to slowly remove the dead skin cells off your face and leave you with a fresh complexion.

Easily available and inexpensive, since they are found at home and you just have to choose the one with the right texture.Wash clothes are also very effective for those who likedoing the cleansing routine at home and do not like going to the spas for pampering yourself. If you can make a good face pack at home then you can apply one after exfoliating.

Store bought scrubs will have some chemical in it however natural they claim it to be, wash cloth on the other hand is natural and does not have any added chemicals in it.If you are exfoliating at home you can control the amount of pressure you apply on your face while exfoliating.You will also know which area to concentrate on while you are scrubbing.

For exfoliating with a wash cloth first wet the wash cloth with warm or hot water and wring it out to remove the excess water, if needed you can apply some cleanser on it too.Then lay the wash cloth flat over your face and start rubbing in small circles from your forehead, applying light pressure. You can then slowly move to your cheeks and continue rubbing in similar circular motion.

While working on your cheeks concentrate on the base of the nose where lots of oil may get accumulated and increase black heads.Continue exfoliating and move to the chin, where there is a build up of oil glands too and need more concentration.After this rinse your face thoroughly and pat dry. If necessary follow it up with a homemade face pack.

Meera M.Das