Eye Makeup Guide

Eyes are said to express the inner thoughts of a person. Therefore beautiful eyes speak volumes about a person and are the most attractive feature that enhances the beauty of the face. A proper technique of eye makeup can go a long way in adding a dreamy appeal to the eyes.

The essential makeup products that are used for the eyes include liquid eyeliner or eye pencil, eyes shadow, mascara and eyebrow pencil and kohl. At the beginning one has to start by doing the base makeup by applying foundation or face powder matching the skin tone. If there are dark circles under the eyes, it has to be covered using a good concealer.

If someone desires to get a dramatic and glamorous look then the best option will be to use liquid eyeliner. This helps to enhance the beauty and shape of the eyes. A line has to be drawn from the inside of the eyes to the outside at one smooth stretch to define the natural shape of the eyes.

One can wear the eyeliner both in the upper and lower lids; however care should be taken that the eyeliner does not gets into the eyes when wearing in on the lower lid.

Some women prefer to use eye pencils in different colours like blue, black, brown, etc. to beautify their eyes. They are easy to wear as compared to liquid eyeliners as they do not smudge easily and lasts for a long time.

These eye pencils have to be chosen according to an individual’s skin tone and outfit. These can be applied both on the upper and lower lids and are also helpful to create the smokey look.

Eye shadow has to be applied on the eyes before applying eyeliner or eye pencil. The shade has to be chosen according to the time of the day, dress and skin complexion.

One can opt for a single colour or blend two or three shades together. After applying the eye shadow on the upper eyelid, one can add a little shimmer on the area beneath the eyebrows to give a glamorous touch.

The eyelashes have to be separated with an eyelash curler. After that generous coats of mascara have to be applied on both the upper and lower eyelashes to make the eyes look big and attractive.