Eyelash Extension- Defining Perfect Eyelashes

Eye extensions are a fad! There’s false (fake), and then there’s surgical grade extensions. The aesthetic conscious know what they want – and they have the experts that can provide it for them!

Just like any other extension based aesthetic improvement solution out there, eyelash extensions tend to define the perfect eyelash by synthetically (there are also extensions made with human hair) applying them to individual eyelashes for a lengthier, fuller look.

Materials used are safe for use with humans. With variety at the disposal of the beauty conscious consumer, eyelash extensions come in different looks and colors. The eyelash extensions are made for daily use, thus one can go about their daily business without the need to have them removed at intervals.

Depending on a customer’s needs, experts suggest between 30-70 eyelash extensions per eye.
The fuller the eyelashes naturally, the lesser the number of extensions required, which means the less time it takes to do the procedure.


Eyelash extension procedures also make use of synthetics and chemicals to give a lasting result. One such chemical is the cyanoacrylate adhesive. As the name suggests, this particular chemical is an adhesive, and forms the basis for commercial adhesive products like SuperGlue.

It’s use in the cosmetics industry as well as for surgical procedures is also known to be a fact, as it has proven to be a major success in bonding otherwise-stubborn injuries or bleeding.

Adhesives for these purposes are of a lesser strength with compounds mixed with other stable chemical components to have a durable, but lightweight effect, whilst keeping consumer safety protocols in view.

A Natural Tendency

Eyelash extensions from minks are also quite popular, and considered safer than their alternatives, as they are harvested sustainably and ethically from live minks in the United States. After the mink hairs are combed out, the hair is sanitized.

Because they are harvested in this way, they tend to be more expensive – anywhere between $400 to $500.00, and sometimes more. Eyelash extension procedures using synthetic products at local salons may cost between $150.00 to $500.00 per set. Eyelash extensions are in use by celebrities and the common folk alike.


Licensed practitioners must be certified by their individual states, and their salons must pass certain operational requirements too. The FDA regulates the cosmetics industry, and by association, eyelash extensions practices are under tight safety and labeling laws.