Facials : Necessity or Waste of Money?

Everyone has different approach towards getting a clear glowing and flawless skin. You want to get rid off the acne, age spots, black heads and dead skin. It is hard work and you may have to shell out some money to maintain a routine facial procedure. There are many people who claim that facials are just a waste of time and money and the benefit to your skin is close to zero and sometimes can do more damage than good. But facials does have its advantages, especially some components of facial are helpful in maintaining a clean healthy skin for a long time.

Steaming is a very important part in the whole facial procedure. The steam helps in expanding the pores of your skin a little, helping the products to penetrate the skin better. It also helps in easy removal of the blackheads with minimal damage to the skin. Opt for the normal water steaming, some salons claim of providing oxygen steam which is just a waste of money. Even ‘ oxygen facial’ haven’t yet proven a productive result and effectiveness, in fact blasting your face with oxygen will just leave it more susceptible to aging.

On other hand chemical or fruit peels, that contain Alpha – hydroxy Acids are really good at exfoliating the skin more effectively than any face scrubs. This not only removes the dead skin completely, but also helps stimulate collagen and gives your face a new natural glow and a fresh clean look. But at the same time, collagen masks are a complete waste of money. Collagen is something that is produced by our body and it cannot penetrate on your skin especially from a mask.

There’s a long ongoing debate about the effectiveness of extracting blackheads, usually blackheads are removed during or after steaming. But if your beautician is not good at her job this process my hurt and worse cause a permanent scarring on your face. Instead of the steel instrument used commonly by most beauticians, some also use vacuum tubes to slowly extract out the blackheads without scarring.

Massages given during facials are very relaxing and can help your rest and feel refreshes. A good massage will tighten your skin for sometime but not remove your wrinkles completely.

Facials are not totally bad for your skin, getting it done once in two months is not a bad idea. But the quality of work and how good you feel after the whole procedure depends on how good your beautician is. Read up on the place and talk to their other customers mainly remember there is no gaurantee that the high price will provide you a better service.

Meera M.Das