Fashion Cycle

Clothing was once a basic necessity. It is one of them now too, but the want to look ones best and better than the rest has given it a place in comfort and luxury too. The fashion cycle of a garment is basically its life in the market from its introduction, to its rise and when it is at its peak and finally when it declines and eventually gets rejected.

When a new design is launched by a design house it is usually shown to the audience in fashion shows. Fashion shows are usually sincerely followed by the elite crowd that consists of buyers from various fashion houses, rich socialites and celebrities etc. in this stage the garment has a unique style, it’s also priced really very high. They are put out for sales only at exclusive retail shows mostly owned by the designer.

Once the new style is out the design is modified so that it can find a home in more wardrobes. The price of the garment at this stage is still high because there would be only minor tweaks and changes made to the original design. At this point the design is said to be at rise. The garments will be displayed for sale at leading stores and mostly purchased by fashion leaders.

Then it’s the stage wherein the garment is at its peak. This is when the design is produced in bulk and is available for the masses. You will find most of the working class and upper middle class buyers flaunting the design. It’s priced moderately and available in many outlets. They are usually advertised through print media like newspapers, magazines, billboards etc.

It’s human nature to want more and something different. Once the design gains mass appeal and almost everyone in town starts flaunting it people start demanding something new, thus the effect of this design starts declining. They garments are sold at sales with huge discounts riding on it. They are mainly worn by fashion laggards.

Just as history repeats itself fashion too repeats itself. Bell bottoms, scarves, leggings all are examples. There’s a new design coming in the market every season. This is a never ending cycle. Once a design declines and  is rejected. It eventually makes a comeback after couple of years with some changes done to it, to suit the market of that time.

Meera M.Das