Fashion Trends In Hair Colours

Be it office or any trendy party every where you can see women adorning different hair colours. Even you must have become spell bound with the effects of hair colours and streaking which is the real in thing this season.

So just wardrobe is not the only thing which is needed to get that oomph factor in your personality. You need the trendiest hair colour too. These days hair colours are the most prominent part of fashion trends and this is the reason why even you must be looking for some information related to the latest colour trends in hair colours.

Latest updates about Hair Colouring

These days you must be running to grab a copy of the newspaper supplement so that you can get a hint about the latest fashion updates from the high profile socialites. Even you are interested in knowing that, which is the hottest fashion trend amongst the fashion models or the actors. This will be an amazing and surprising for you to know that Hair Streaking and Highlighting is more prominent in the fashion circle than Hair accessories.

With the fashion trends and in order to go with the flow you also get that streaking or highlighting done in your hair , but the after effects of these hair colours start appearing after sometime. So, be wise before copying any fashion trend blindly because it is you who has to bear the brunt of the after effects.

Generally it is seen that beauty salons use cheap hair colouring products which are rich in Ammonia or bleach which do irreparable damage to your hair. Since it is your own hair we are talking about so it is better that you get all the knowledge related to hair colouring or streaking before getting it done on your hair , so that your hair do not face the damage.

Some Basics about Hair colouring

It is a known fact that today’s youth wants to follow the latest fashion trend and hair colouring is one of them, which changes your overall personality and adds a new life to your hair.

But before you get it done on your hair just ask few questions to yourself like whether you want to get the hair coloured because you want to hide grey hair or you are bored of the natural shade of your hair or you want to add that oomph factor to your personality by colouring your hair in a new colour.

These questions will help you in deciding what kind of hair colour you should go for. You can also decide whether you want bounce and shine in your hair or you just want the latest hair colour only or you just want the hair colour in the upper scalp hair by highlighting them.

After deliberating upon these questions you will be able to decide that what kind of hair colour do you need and then only you will be able to buy the apt hair colouring product from the market.

Suggestions from Hair Experts

If you have decided upon getting your hair coloured then do consult your hair expert as she will be able to guide you in the best way about the hair colouring and hair colours.

She being the expert in her field will tell you all the things related to hair colouring like how much hair coverage do you need , which hair colour will suit you and whether the fashion hair colours will be able to hide the grey coverage on your scalp or not.

Once you get all these suggestions from your hair expert it is better to get your hair coloured or streaking from a professional hair expert only. If you will try on your own it might damage your hair and their texture too. However after getting the full coverage of grey hair with colouring from the hair expert you can always do the touch up on your own.

Some Well Being Tips And Some Suggestions For Hair Colouring

Hair colouring, be it of any type like permanent hair colouring or semi permanent or grey coverage, streaking or highlighting, you need to examine your hair just like any other hair expert.

Some Important Suggestions That You Need To Follow Are:

If your hairs are falling due to some disease or chemotherapy then never ever get hair colouring done on your hair. Always get it done if the thickness and the growth of your hair are appropriate.

If there is any allergy or wound on your scalp then too avoid hair colouring. When the wound gets healed up or the allergies are gone then only get the hair colouring done.

Before planning a hair colour change do a thorough research on hair colouring trends from market to the internet. This will help you in finding the best quality hair colour and that too according to your need.

Whichever hair colour you choose always go for a patch test of that colour  and always ensure that the colour you have selected is best for your skin tone or not. The colour which is shown on the box of the hair colour is mostly two shades darker than the original colour so decide accordingly.

If you have got straightening or perming on your hair recently then wait for hair colouring or streaking as it can severely damage your hair. Just wait for 2-4 weeks and then get them coloured or highlighted.

If you are doing the hair colouring on your own then you need to remember few things while colouring them:

Use hair colour according to the length of your hair.

Always follow the timing guideline mentioned on the packet of the hair colour after applying the hair colour.

Always wash off the hair colour with normal water.

When doing the last hair wash it is very important to do proper conditioning of your hair.

Every week do a touch up in your coloured hair.

If you want to change the hair colour and getting hair coloured for the first time then never do  hair streaking, highlighting or hair bleaching on your own. Take the help of some professional hair expert to get these done.

Whole Range of Hair colours

There are a whole lot of hair colours available in the market but if you want to look different then there is a complete range of Revolutionary Fudge Fashion colours available in bold colours like green, pink, blue, red and green etc. in the market.

There are other hair colouring products like Fudge shampoo, fudge conditioner and many more fudge hair styling products available in the market which can get you the compliment of Miss Fashion up to date.

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