Few Things You Should Not Indulge Into During Sex

Sex or more atheistically said as ‘making love, is a very natural phenomenon that is supposed to be a pleasure to all the organs. However certain things in the middle of lovemaking can be really annoying and can turn off anyone. Here are a few things that both men and women should avoid while enjoying the sexual act and intimate moments.

Faking Orgasm:

Females often have the habit of faking their orgasm to make their man feel better. But the truth is somewhat different what most women perceive to be. If you are not getting the pleasure, then it’s absolutely impossible to give the same to your partner. You don’t have to say that you are not enjoying the entire thing but do not ever lie about the same as well.

Taking About Ex:

This is the worst thing that any couple can have on the bed. You are not allowed to speak about your past relation and your bed matters while having sex with your partner. Even if you have a comparison behind your mind, don’t let things come in front of your partner.

Attending calls:

Just think of your partner attending to his/her office calls on the bed, how would you feel? No matter how much busy your schedule might be, never ever take calls in between your sex timings. This is one time that is meant to be very exclusive to the couple.

Don’t Avoid The Kissing Sessions:

Many couples don’t kiss while having sex which is completely bad for sexual life. Men, in fact, must kiss their partner while entering them. This gives a sense of caring that goes beyond just the penetration and makes the couple feel each other’s body more intensely.

Don’t Seek Permissions:

Once you reach the bed, it is obvious that you have come a long way from the regular permission seeking sessions. Initially every couple has certain inhibitions about sex which goes fades away with time. But you shouldn’t ever ask for stupid permissions like ‘can I kiss you?’ or ‘can I touch you’.

Talking About Past Fights:

Keep your past fights and disagreements out of the bed. There are many couples who ruin a complete romantic setting because they start discussing their fights and get into arguments while getting cozy. Just don’t mix your love life with other things, try to be more positive towards getting physical rather than pretending to want sex.


Might sound really awkward but there are people who have a very boring sex life and sleep in between sex. This is ‘must avoid’ mistake because you can completely spoil your partner’s mood. If you are too tired for the day, skip sex for the night and avoid getting intimate. But never sleep while your partner is trying hard to get high.

Reaching in the highest levels of orgasm and feeling the presence of each other is only possible when both the people involved take an intriguing interest in the sex act. Try to avoid the things mentioned above to have a better and pleasant sex life.

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