Few Useful Facts On Emo Clothing And Makeup

The emo style is a unique way of dressing that is most popular among teenagers and young adults. The emo look is all about expressing oneself in a particular way that is different from conventional modes of dressing. The emo style is a combination of hard core punk and pop style and it has now become a part of the Indie movement. This style gained popularity during the last decade of the 20th century. The following points will let you know about facts on emo clothing.

About Emo Clothing

Emo clothing has certain features that set it apart from contemporary style. These facts on emo clothing are as follows.

Choosing Accessories

One of the most important and significant ways in which the emo style is identified is by the accessories that are worn. Some of the most popular and common emo accessories include glasses that are thick rimmed, dark and prominent. Among other accessories skating shoes, clothing and shoes that come in graffiti designs and Hello Kitty jewelryare very significant.


Regarding facts on emo clothing, there are certain ways of clothing and styles that are worn in the emo fashion. You can wear low waist jeans or dark colored pleated skirts for instance. Another popular style of wearing clothes in the emo style is to mix and match your clothing that normally does not complement each other.

For example you can wear loose vintage shirts along with a leg warmer. This kind of clothing will make you look unique and different. Emo clothing and accessories are of bright colors such as orange, neon pink, fuschia pink, and so on.


In the emo style, hairstyles are usually over the top and unique ones that immediately catch your attention. You can try and experiment with different ways of tying your hairthat would make it look outlandish.The emo style also includes dying the hair in shades of bright colors.

It is best if you either have very short or long hair.These two lengths of hair make it easier to style. Also, dark hair and especially black hair is the most preferred hair colorin the emo style.


Another very popular part of emo fashionis a piercing. You can go for a piercing on various parts of your body. For instance, you can pierce your eyebrows, your navel, under your lower lip or even your tongue.

These piercings stand out and will make you look smart and suave. However, you need to take proper care of the pierced areas because they are sensitive and it is always advisable to get the piercings done by professionals.

Other Similar Styles

With reference to facts on emo clothing, there are certain styles that are similar to the emo style. These types of fashion include goth styles, punk styles and so on. There are also many famous artists who dress according to this style such as Avril Lavigne and Amy Lee. One of the most fundamental points to remember with regard to facts on emo clothing is to be yourself and not to be afraid to stand out.

Photo Credit: emogeneration.com