Foot Care In Winters

It is fact that as compared to our foot we pay more attention to our facial skin, followed by hands cleaning and care. However our foot needs care too, since they take the entire burden or our body.

Our foot tends to get affected by changing seasons where in winters they retain extreme dryness, cracked heels and colorless nails.

Daily foor care:

Before we prepare to take bath perform the soft massage using the sesame or vegetable oil so that after bath foot’s skin remain soft. Immediately after bath don’t forget to apply the fruits rich moisturizer or cold cream.
Although sesame all massage is good for entire year but in winter month’s sesame oil mixed with castor oil help removing the dryness and dead skin.

As suggested by beauty experts the best cream for foot care in winters is lemon turmeric cream, with its regular use skin will become soft and complexion will improve. Turmeric is rich with antiseptic agent, hence also prevents against infection and fungus which tend to take place between the toes.

At least twice in a week soak the foot in warm water adding the salt and shampoo for twenty minutes. Warm water helps in removing the heel’s dead skin and with the help of heel scrubber you can remove the dust.

Finally apply the cold cream on foot and especially on heels apply the cream in large quantity and coven them with soft cotton cloth or wet tissue for whole night. This treatment helps in moisturizing the foot and heel’s skin.

Treat the cracked heels in winter: For the dry and cracked heels take one table spoon of pure glycerin, 50 ml of rose water and castor oil. Apply the mixture on heels for thirty minutes and later wash with warm water.
In winters due to extreme dryness heels tend to attains the cracks and become extremely hard.

This is because of lack of appropriate moisturizer. Later these cracks and hard skin turn into pain and trouble our daily life. Hence with the inception of winters moisturize the heels using the mixture of milk cream, lemon oil, rosemary oil and sesame oil.  You will feel the difference in a week time and retain soft heels back.