Foundation And Concealer Tips

Like most of the women in the world do you also have a craving for beautiful, pore less and wrinkle less, flawless, skin? Then you must be definitely aware about the various exercises which used to be performed in order to keep skin healthy and glowing.

In the good old days, a number of natural ingredients were mixed to form a paste which was applied to the skin to keep it healthy and wrinkle free. But all those exercises are not possible in today’s fast moving world.

That is why easy to use cosmetics have been introduced so that they can take place of the home made cosmetics. They are foundation and concealer. But you should know how to apply them in the correct manner so that they can create the right effect.

Proper Moisturizing Is Essential

Foundation alone is not enough to give the right amount of moisture to the skin. Cleaning, toning and moisturizing are some of the most important details which need to be taken care of.

If not moisturized properly, the cosmetics which will be applied to the skin will settle in the pores of the skin and fine lines. Due to which you will have cracks in the skin.

Therefore to avoid such issues for skin, adequate moisturizing should be done. So just 30 seconds, before you apply foundation and conceal properly, moisturize your skin.

The Correct Method of Applying The Basic Cosmetics

Foundation makes the skin look even and flawless but it does not cover up blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines, pigments, spots, dark circles, etc. But you can apply some thin strokes of foundation in order to cover up a blemish or some light under-eye dark circles.

But, you should not put concealer on the top if foundation does not work properly. Instead, little amount of foundation should be used on all these places, and get sufficient coverage with some concealer. For safety, always make sure that you apply the concealer on top of your foundation.

Foundation should be evenly applied first on chin, forehead and center of the cheeks, and should be applied in the same direction in which the facial hair growth can be seen. Make it merge completely on your jaw line, ear line and hair line.

Then you must apply a little amount of the foundation on the middle part of the face, a little on your nose, some on your lips, and lastly, on your eyelids. Wait for a minute till the product is completely absorbed into your skin, and then you can apply some more of the foundation only on those places that need a better coverage. Alternatively, you can also use a concealer.

On your blemishes, or dark spots you can apply concealer in tiny dots with the help of your fingertips or you can also use a synthetic applicator. After that, blend all the edges of the dots with the tips of your fingers.

But in case you use your concealer on pus-filled or raw blemishes, then squeeze the product on the backside of the hand before you apply it. Under your eye, apply the products with the help of your fingers or with the help of a small makeup brush or a sponge or an applicator.

These tools are definitely, useful to access inner portions of the eyes. Then pat the area only with your fingertips in order to blend, and u can also use your ring finger or your pinkie so as to minimize the amount of pressure. Never ever sweep the makeup, in order to avoid completely wiping it off clean or pulling at some delicate skin.

To Say Goodbye To Acne

If you have acne prone skin, you must make sure that you prep up your skin everyday with a moisturizer which is oil free. So, you can make sure that your makeup is not interrupted. But on the other hand, do not ever apply excessive amounts of concealer.

If you will deposit heap of products on your acne, your skin will be destructed to a great extent, and will eventually land up with broken and tortured skin, with the red ugly ruins of your skin which makes you feel disgusted.

Always remember, that even if your skin appears to be flawless at the end of the makeup session, by the end of either day or night, you will be left with scars on your face. And that would be like your worst dream ever. Even when you are applying concealer, always be sure that you use a clean, brush, which has smooth bristles. At the end, also top it up with a little bit of translucent powder.

Which Foundation Will Suit Your Skin Type

Finding the product which best suits your skin is the most important step towards achieving that flawless look. This is because having the perfect foundation is half the battle won.

For very oily skin, hands down, one of the best foundations is Laura Mercier’s Oil-free Liquid Foundation. Available in Warm Ivory, Golden Beige, Sunny Beige, Vanilla Beige, Suntan Beige, Porcelain Ivory, Shell Beige, Deep Bronze, Sunset Beige and Toffee Beige it is almost a magic potion.

For the times when you need to hide those blemishes, Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil-Free Make up is the best option. It is a completely free from oil liquid that will not clog pores, but will be of a great help in concealing redness. The best thing is that it has a salicylic acid which fights acne.

For minimizing fine lines, you can always use Estee Lauder Lift Ultra Firming Make Up, with SPF 15. It is a very lightweight product, with tones of soy, which firms up the spots which are prone to wrinkles, for example around your eyes and mouth.

Almay TLC Truly Lasting Color 16 Hour Makeup Skin Nourishing Long wear SPF 15 is the best product ever which repairs dry skin. It is a brilliantly structured foundation, with ample antioxidants, which regains the moisture which has disappeared, and leaves you with a glowing and fresh skin, throughout the day.

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