Four Effective Treatments Of Head Lice

Treatments Of Head LiceHead lice are a type of insect. They are grown on dirty and ill-maintained hair. They lay eggs, which are known as nits, on hair close to scalp.Thus they increase their number and are spread over whole head.It is really a frustrating and embarrassing situation when you have lice on your head.

It is a type of infection and children generally are good carrier of lice. The main symptom of lice is continuous itching on your scalp according with rash on neck and back. But a little care and initiative will help you to remove lice from your head effectively. This article will help you in the treatment of lice.

Daily Shampoo

The first thing to remove lice effectively is to shampoo your hair daily with head lice shampoo and maintain hygiene. There are various medicated shampoos available in the market to remove the lice.

Wash your hair everyday with these shampoos. These will help you to kill lice. After shampooing and washing your hair, wipe it dry. Then comb your hair to remove dead lice from your hair.

Bring one fine teethed lice comb. Comb your hair again and again. This will help to remove head lice from your hair. Kill them at once otherwise they will spread further infection. But to use the lice comb you have to make your hair tangle free. So first use a wide tooth comb to remove tangle and then only use the head lice comb.

Wash Hair With Antiseptic Lotion

Wash your hair with antiseptic lotion everyday. But do not use raw antiseptic lotion. This is harmful for hair. Dilute it before use. Take a mug of warm water and mix 10-15 drops antiseptic lotion and mix well. Wash your hair with this water. This will help you to kill nits, the eggs of the lice. In this way prevent the spread of the lice.

Here Are Four Effective Treatments Of Head Lice

Home RemediesĀ Of Head Lice

There are various home remedies which effectively remove lice from head. A mixture of camphor and coconut oil is a good medicine for the treatment of lice. Take pinch of camphor and mix it with 2-3 tablespoon coconut oil. Apply that on your scalp and leave it for overnight. The strong smell of camphor will help to remove lice.

Hot oil treatment is very effective to remove lice. Take mustard oil and make it hot. Then massage it all over your head. The pungent smell of mustard oil will help to remove lice within few days.

Treatments Of Head Lice

Fenugreek seed has power to control infection. Take a tablespoon of fenugreek seed and soak it in water to get soft. Then crush it and mix it with any oil. Apply that on your scalp and hair and leave it for an hour before shampooing it. It rally works.

Take some fresh neem leaves and make paste. Apply that on your scalp. Neem has power to control any type of skin infection and to kill insect because of its extreme bitterness. For better result you may wash your hair with neem water.

Basil leaves also do the same thing. Take some basil leaves and crush them to extract the juice. Then apply the raw juice over the skin of your scalp. It helps to kill lice within few days and make your head lice free.

There is no need to become panicky over lice infection. You can control it of your own. But if the condition aggravates do not forget to consult skin specialist.