Four Steps To Manicure At Home

Women today, are fashionable, chic and stylist. They understand that beauty does not only imply facial beauty. Other parts of the body also come in the way of beauty regime. If a woman is termed as beautiful, then she needs to be elegant in everything – her hair, her body, teeth and even nails.

But at the same time women today have very less time to visit a salon regularly and pamper themselves. They have to manage their professional life as well as prove efficient in handling various issues of their family. As a result, in spite of understanding the importance of maintenance of each part of the body, they cannot manage to take care of each and every part of their body.

In order to get out of this shortcoming, the best way is to learn to do various body and skin care regimes at home. In this article, we will discuss how to do manicure at home, which is the best way to have healthy and shining nails in an easy way. Moreover, it is also important to understand the importance of doing manicure, too, before you finally decide on having a manicure done.

How Does Manicure Help

Women who do not go for regular manicures should look carefully at their nails. They will find several problems related to the hygiene of nails and hands. Manicure resolves such problems.

Nails and hands that are not taken care of properly, show the appearances of cuticles over the nails. Cuticles are thin, white, fleshy growths over the nails that make the nails look ugly and unclean. A proper manicure session ensures the removal of such cuticles neatly.

Another commonly occurring problem that most of the women suffer from is that of hang nails. This is a very painful situation when small scales of skin are seen coming out from the corners of the nails. They are painful to touch and keep on erupting, since proper care is not ensured.

Nails that do not get proper care and maintenance also lead to the formation of ingrown nails. This is circumstance when there is growth of nails unevenly, along the sides of the nails. They are very painful and exert pressure on the corners of the nails since they tend to grow too. This also leads to the formation of pus and bleeding.

Those who do not go for regimented manicure often have dehydrated and dry hands. There are also appearances of winkles and fine lines over the skins of the hands and extremely hard and rough palms. The reason to this is depletion of the natural moistures from the hands due to frequent contact with water, detergents and other strong chemicals and lack of moisturization to compensate for the loss of moisture.

Things Required For Manicure

Regular manicure can be a great idea to stay away from all these problems. But before starting the session at home, you need to make a list of the essential things that are required in the process.

You need to get hold of a few cotton balls that will be needed very frequently throughout the process. Keep a cloth towel and a paper towel handy.Other important things you will need are nail cutter, cuticle cutter or scissors, cuticle pusher, a cuticle cream to soften the cuticles as you try to cut them off.

Together with these you will require an orange stick, that cleans out dirt and grime from inside and the corners of the nails. Best will be if you could arrange of an emery board instead of a nail filer, as the former gives a more finer precision but does not chip the nails.

You must also arrange for nail polish remover from a good company along with a nail polish, in color, as per your preference. For the hand bath you need lukewarm water, hydrogen peroxide and mild shampoo or body wash.

Steps for Home Based Manicure

These simple steps will give you the step by step guide on manicure at home.

Step 1

The fist step towards nail care is to dab some nail polish remover on to a cotton ball and neatly remove any trace of nail color. The colors at the corners of the nails are too stubborn to be removed. In that case use a paper towel to rub them off.

Step 2

The next step to follow in manicure is to shape up your nails and uniform the uneven edges. Cut your nails in the shape you wish to give them, with the help of a nail cutter. While cutting your nails you can give your desired shapes – oval, square or squoval.

Next, you should ensure that you cut your nails to a medium size, not too small that it cuts the finger skin, neither too big that it can easily break. Never cut off the tender skin in between the nails and the flesh of the finger, or you will bleed profusely.

Now, you need to give finish to your work. Therefore, gently even out the corners of the nails and the surfaces by rubbing with an emery board. In doing it, always remember to rub your nails in the same direction and not haphazardly. Otherwise you will end up in having chip nails.

Step 3

The third phase of hand and nail care is to have a lukewarm water dip. In that water put in a few drops of body wash or mild shampoo, and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Work up lather and soak your hands till your wrist, in the solution for about five to ten minutes. Be sure that the water you prepare must be of a temperature that is within your tolerable limit.

Now take out your hands and scrub your hands and around the nails with soft nail brush, in gentle circular motion.This way the dead cells will fall off and the skin of your hands be refreshed and look healthy and nourished.

This soaking will also soften your cuticles, so that they could be removed easily. Take out your hands and rub them off dry, with a clean towel. Ensure that you keep the hands a bit moist in the process.

Step 4

Apply cuticle remover on the cuticles and push them with orange stick or cuticle pusher. Cut off the ones that are hard. Remove the hang nails with a nail scissor, carefully. Clean the dirt underneath and at the corners with the orange stick. Massage the hands with a hand cream and apply nail polish at last.

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