Funky Hairstyle Ideas

Nowadays the trend is to try new things, even bizarre things sometimes. This trend has affected the world of fashion and hairstyles. Most hairdressers find clients complaining that they are bored of the same razor cut or straight lines. This search for new hairstyles has given birth to the latest trend – funky hairstyles.

Funky hairstyles are for people who are extremely experimental and like to explore the wilder side of life. There is a misconception that funky hairstyles suit only youngsters. The truth is – funky hairstyle has got nothing to do with age. All you need to see is whether it suits your personality and lifestyle. Madonna in her 50s is often found sporting a wacky blond curly hairstyle and it suits her better than it would suit an 18 year old.

Here are some interesting funky hairstyle ideas for you –

An easy way by which you can add punk to your boring straight long hair is by adding color to it. Instead of an overall color, you can color only the lower edges of your hair. Choose some weird color like deep purple, blue, shocking pink or red.

Similarly your hairline need not always be geometrically straight. Cut them asymmetrically. For example, the hair on the side of your face can be long giving the impression that you have ordinary long hair. But cut it short from the back. It is interestingly different.

Wacky curls are always funky. You can make it even more naughty and wild by coloring them in blond shades. Or apply some hair gel on wet hair and crush them with the palm of your hands. It will look seriously crazy.

If you want a temporary funky hairstyle for a theme party or a night out you can try a combination of curly and straight hair. With a hot iron straighten some of your hair, while curl up the rest with curlers. It looks gorgeous.

Funky colored hair extensions can also be used to zest up your hairstyle.

There are various possibilities and options when it comes to funky hairstyle. They go a long way giving expression to your individuality. So go ahead and choose a funky hairstyle to zest up your life.