Funky Looks: For Theme And Dance Party

If you planning to get dressed up for theme party or dance time at disco theca, then you certainly wish to look different. Styling, makeup and over all look can be made apt for theme or dance party by wearing perfect funky looks.

With appropriate selection of makeup shades and hair styling you can make the evening full of compliments for you.

Bold red:

Needless to mention red and black is the evening color. Especially when we plan to dress-up to attract the whole bunch of party, then by wearing bold red color we can drive the crowd. While applying make up merge the golden and red eye shadow covering the whole eyes shape and contours.

Make sure golden shade is placed on the inner side of the eye lid and red on the outer sides. Beautify your lips with glossy red lip color. If you are going for dance party apply two quotes of lip color for long lasting effect. In accessories don’t over do just wear long dangling earrings and light but attractive red over all dress.

Sparkling crystals:

In order to create the crystal looks start with the high bun and place the small and big crystal studded pins. Now moving on to make up. For eye makeup pick the combination of pink blue, purple and grey eye shadow.

On upper lid apply the pink shade and blue shade in inner and outer sides respectively. On lower lid apply the merge of purple and grey shade. Finally cover the entire eye line using the black eye liner and black mascara to make the eye lashes dense and erect.

Finally apply the pink lip color, one can select between mat and glossy form. If you wish to be more creative, stick the crystal tattoo on one side on the face which extends from left hair line to left check bone.


If you wish to look sensual at dance party then simply curl the hairs and tie the half pony tail. For make up also make use only blue and dark pink eye shadow.

First draw the line on upper lid using the blue eye shade. On the remaining upper eye lid area apply the pink shade till the brow bone and give the full cover to eyes.

Then similarly draw the line on lower eyelid using the blue eye shade. Finally apply the simmering dark pink glossy lip color. Wear big rounded earrings and small tattoo on left ear to gain the peppy attention.