Gel Manicure – An Innovative Way To Adorn Your Nails

An innovative way to adorn nails beautifully is Gel Manicure. Though the concept might appear to some as something never heard before, but to those highly stylist ladies it is already known as the pushing back of the cuticles, buffing the nails properly, and filling up the nails.

The only difference that lies in a Gel manicure in contrast to a conventional manicure that is usually offered at the salons is that in has a greater longevity. While the ordinary nail varnishes would peel off or fade out within a week’s time, it will undoubtedly stay as long as two weeks.

All the more it will remain brand new, without slightest trace of smudging or chipping. As in contrast to ordinary nail colors, this technique of manicure employs the use of a colored gel-like substance that is neatly brushed over the nails. Buffing the nails properly before the application will ensure that the gel will adhere more to the nail.

Then a drying time of 30 minutes is given, when the colored nails are dried under UV light. It is followed by a reapplication after which a re-drying for 30 minutes is allotted. Though not much color options are readily available in the salons at present, but researches are on and it is expected that new colors will hit the fashion market shortly.

The benefits of gel manicure are that it temporarily cures the drying of nails, make s nails strong and firm and also the long lasting color stay technique drives out the regular hassles of applying nail color and removing every third day. Thou a bit expensive that a regular manicure, which is available at salons at approximately US$ 10- US$12, it will be priced at an average of US$ 28 – US$ 45, it is worth it if you require impeccably manicured nails for longer time.

As everything comes with something positive and something negative, so Gel manicure is also not an exception. The removal process is really bothersome. Almost 60 minutes long tenure, the removal procedure comes in with a removal kit, which can be managed own at home.

Each of the nails needs to be covered with small pieces of cotton that are pre-dipped in acetone polish remover. Next is to wrap the cotton-covered nails with aluminum foil for 10-15 minutes. This does not ensure complete removal and final solution is file off by professionals.

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