Gel Nails Vs Acrylic Nails – How Do They Differ?

Gel nails and acrylic nails are artificial nail enhancements that vary in their texture and method of application. To know how gel nails differ from acrylic nails, read through the section below.

Gel nails vs Acrylic nails:

Gel nails are just like the gels we use in our everyday lives. These do not need primers but acrylic nails do need primers to be applied before you use them. Acrylic nails are hard and these are stiffened under UV light; acrylic nails earlier created corrosion on the natural nails because primers were used. However, with newer technologies being invented, it has been possible to reduce the corrosive effect. Unlike acrylic nails, gel nails are smoother and flexible in nature, as one doesn’t need to apply primers or glues before using them.

Gel nails hardly leave behind any impression on the natural nails but acrylic nails do leave their impression which often remains to some extent even though you may remove such artificial enhancements. Gel nails come along in a variety of textures out of which some look natural, whereas others may look hard yet have a glossy appearance. But acrylic nails neither have much variety nor do they have different types of textures available.

The gel nails have moderate costs, so you can very well afford them. However, acrylic nails are often available at cheap discounts but this is where you need to be cautious. That’s because such stores employ unlicensed nail technicians as well.

If you’d like to go for an artificial nail enhancement that lasts longer, you should choose the acrylic nails, as these are stronger in comparison to gel nails. Also, you need to fill in the acrylic nails every two to three weeks to make sure they stay the best. However, if you want something that looks natural, then go for the gel nails. But make sure you fill them in shortly, as they’ll last only for a couple of weeks.

If you’re someone who dislikes the sensation of having your nails filled in, avoid going for the acrylic nails. Such nails generate an unpleasant smell unlike the gel nails. However, both gel nails and acrylic nails give your natural nails the beautiful and elegant look you may be looking for.