Get A Diva Look With These Simple Tips

You always admire your favourite star’s flawless skin and gleaming hair.But have you ever wondered what these stunning stars do to keep their hair and skin so flawless and perfect. Well a lot of it is genetic.

While this is true to quite an extent, it is important to note that the stars follow a strict daily regimen of cleansing ,moisturising and exfoliating.

It is a must to keep your skin squeaky clean with a good cleanser.An antioxident rich cleanser keeps skin rejuvenated and restores moisture. It takes away excess sebum and dead skin cells accumulated over time.

A good moisturiser improves skin tone and texture of the skin. A very important fact is that a moisturiser holds water in the outer most layer of the skin and keeps it soft and supple.

Exfoliation is an important  part of the skin care regimen. Scrubbing gets rid of dirt, grime and dead cells on the skin , leaving it smooth and fresh.

Caring for your hair, as important as it may be, can be quiet a tedious process.To get hair like your favourite celebrity you must go for regular trims.Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner and also don’t forget to oil your hair before a head bath.

It is recommended that hair be trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks for optimum growth and reduction of split ends.If you wish to grow your hair then remember hair grows faster if trimmed regularly.

Do not indulge in too much of heated styling tools as they are likely to damage your hair and leave them brittle and coarse. Keep your tresses  as natural as possible.

Make-up adds oomph! to your look. Notice how your favourite celebrity wears make-up.For that flawless skin use a good concealer that hides those scars and blemishes completely.

Choose a shade lighter than your complexion. Always use a concealer of thicker consistancy as it will be more concentrated. Also conceal more prominent and dark spots.

Finally to get that diva look accentuate your eyes with a blue or black liner, kajal and preferably a waterproof mascara as it is less likely to smudge.And there you have that subtle hint of glamour to your look.

kirti potnis

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