Get Rid of Black Elbows and Knuckles

We do a lot to ensure that every part of our body is clean, tidy and taken care off so that we look great no matter what. We get massages in the parlor, take manicure and pedicure sittings to modify and maintain our nails,take facials for a glowing face, get waxing done to remove the body hair, exfoliate our skin so our skin looks fresh;but it has been often noted that our elbows and knuckles are always black, dry, dirty and ugly to look at.

We always forget to work on them but have you ever realized the reason behind, why they get so black. Well, let me tell you the reason responsible for it and how you can cure it.

Normally when we work or even when we sit idol, our hands movements are such that these two parts of the hand are always lying on the dirt that is around us. For example, when you are writing something, then your elbows are put down as a support while the other portion of the hand is not. So all the dust that is there on the table gets stick to your elbows.

This is the reason that they are black and hard too. But you can remove that blackness and get smooth skin with some simple steps. First thing, apply warm olive oil or coconut oil daily on these two areas and massage for some time. You do not have to do anything else and within a week you would see amazing result Second thing, you can use a good exfoliating scrub twice a week so that you get rid of that dead skin layer.

After taking bath, while your skin is still damp just rub bath cloth on your elbows and knuckles and Wash off with water. This is also a very effective remedy. It is important that while taking bath, you clean these areas properly. Rubbing lime juice can also prove to be really helpful as lemon is very strong in cutting the stubborn dirt. Do all this and you will always have clean knuckles and elbows.