Get Rid of Sweaty Arm Pits

Sweaty armpit can be embarrassing to all, whether in college or a work place or a party, sweaty armpit creates a bad impression and damages the whole personality. Your entire efforts to look gorgeous in a special occasion can be disastrous because of this recurrent issue. Lots of people do have this problem, but they simply don’t know how to solve it. Well, here are some concrete effective tips to get rid of this embarrassment.

Take bath regularly:

Make sure that you take bath on regular basis. You should clean your armpit properly while bathing. Also, don’t wear tight clothes that increases the heat in your body and therefore, your armpits get sweated quickly. So wear something loose-fitting. Also, you can use the antiperspirants through out the day so that your armpit breathes fresh.

Avoid spicy foods:

Diet plays an important role to get rid of the body waste. Too much spicy oily food, chocolates and caffeine can make you sweat excessively. Instead eat foods that keep the body fresh such as whole grain foods, vegetables fruits etc.

Eat healthy:

Eating in healthy way can help you get rid of this embarrassing situation for ever. If you are a nervous sweater, then you can prefer green tea or chamomile tea to relax your mind which will also increase your confidence level. There are ways to prepare some concoctions by the natural ingredients like you can mix a couple of tea spoon of non acidic apple cider vinegar with honey, and drink it on empty stomach. Also, you can take some sage leaves and boil it for about ten minutes and then drink it every morning, you can see the result within a short period of time.


Your weight problem can be a biggest booster to your excessive armpit sweating. So, try some yoga or free hand exercises which help your body release the toxins. It will reduce the weight. Also, it will soothe your mind to be relaxed as sweating can be caused by the nerves. So, make sure that all these tips keep your mind and body cool before interviews, exam results, some exciting moments etc.

Follow these tips and get rid of your age old problem while feeling refreshing and confident.

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