Get Yourself The Right Tie

For men nothing matters more than their valuable neckpiece, a tie. Be it a business meeting, or an interview or a high profile party, a tie always sets the right mood for the occasion. And if you wear a wrong tie, frankly speaking the other part of the attire will simply not work.

Therefore, spend some time in choosing the right style and design of the tie which will always make a good healthy impression in front of your boss or your colleagues.So, here are some advices to show you the right path to buy the perfect one:

Too skinny or wide ties are both faddish, so, stay away form them. A tie should be long enough to touch the belt. For the professional meetings or interviews, regimental stripe and small dot will give you the ‘it’ look. Foulard tie can go well too, so try that. And for the casual parties, try out the knit ties. Colorful madras ties are good for the summer outing.

Very expensive patterned fine silk ties can be worn on the special occasions, like promotions to boast your achievements. You can prefer a small dot under the knot, or nothing. That is your personal taste. There are various patterns with garish colors which should be worn in casual occasions, don’t wear them in interviews that will send out a bad impression.

When comes to colors, red, maroon, light blue are the dominant colors. You can wear them teeming up with the navy suits. Maroon and light blue can be worn with the grey suits too. For the interviews, always avoid orange, green, pink, purple and brown.

There, you can prefer foulard with the touch of white as an accent, or a dot tie with the dots in white or the regimental ties with white or silver stripes. Green ties can be nice for the weekend family parties. There are various stores like Polo Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, J Press and Ben Silver and lot more. You can simply go through the catalogues to find out the right tie to charm your neck.

Tie is a major part of the whole appearance, so respect this small yet influential neckpiece.

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