Getting Your Footwear to Last Longer

Men normally have fewer pairs of shoes than women do. They are less likely to get all worked up when they pass shoes shops and see sales. For those who are less carzed about shoes, it is better to safeguard the ones that you already have. It is good to take care of your shoes so that they last longer, and are in better shape.

To start with, keep them clean and shine them as they must be. Make sure you follow directions given for their care. Do not try quick fixes and your own cures. This may give you immediate results, but will only damage your footwear in the long run.

When you have removed shoes, do not put them away in your closet immediately. Leave them out to dry for a while and then put them in. This will give them a chance to air and clean themselves, and aslo get rid of any odours that they might have.

If you are wearing closed shoes, never wear them without socks as you are only damaging them, your feet and also causing sweat and odours to collect.

Always wear shoes for the occasion. Never go playing sports in your work shoes, and do not go to work in your slippers. Wearing the appropriate footwear will help keep your feet protected, and also make your footwear last much longer.

When putting your shoes in their place, never pile them on top of one another. They will lose shape and can even get scratched. If your shoes are special, then put them into this muslin bags to protect them.

It is better to have a slightly larger place for your shoes so that they are not all cramped. This will give them space to stay as they are and not get dirty, They will also retain their shape and not get squashed. It is wise to keep something that will remove humidity. Humidity can cause mould and fungus from growing on shoes, especially those which are worn less frequently.

Lastly, always give your shoes a shine before you have worn them out. Not only will they present better, but the care you have been taking of them will finally pay off!