Glasses – Eye Fashion

If you are prescribed reading glasses or you are experiencing of short sightedness, then you will need good quality eye glasses. With age, the eye vision gradually worsens as a part of the natural aging process. Therefore, after crossing forties, you definitely need glasses to alleviate the strain from your eyes. The lenses not only help you to focus but also make viewing comfortable and pleasurable. And even better, with the right pair of glasses, you can sport a new and varied look!

Wearing the glasses had never been considered fashionable. Before some years, glasses were seen a sign of defect and apprehension by people. But now, this has become a fashion accessory. Even people who do not need any correction are wearing glasses with clear lenses, as fashion accessories. But many times, one can not decide what to choose or how to choose the eyeglasses for him. Some guidelines can help you to make the decision.

The actual shape of the frame is the most important aspect when you go for selecting the glass frames. So you have to consider the shape of your face first when picking out the frame. If your face is oval shaped, then you should try for the rectangular frame rather than oval. This looks even better on the long and thin face. Over the past few years, the frames of glasses have gotten smaller in size and no one knows about the next trend.

Now the glasses and their frames have been the fashion and status symbol for the trendy look lovers. These glasses come in new ranges and varieties from small wire rims to the oversized and saucer shaped spectacles. The stylish people often change the frames every two or three years because they want to avoid becoming the outdated. Today, the appearance is important in the offices and business as well, so the outdated glasses detract from a person’s image.

Nowadays the frames of the eyeglasses are available in the plastic, metal or even rimless. Plastic frames in color make a strong fashion statement. The basic colors like black, brown and clear should be chosen instead of the dashing colors like red or green. Celluloid frames with wide frame bodies also suit almost all types of faces.

So, go to the store, take your pick, look into the mirror and opt for yourself a corporate look with rimless lenses, funky look with plastic or celluloid lenses or even a casual look with medium frames or half-rim frames. There’s a lot to explore!