Glitter Eyeshadow

Picking Glitter Hues:First begin by selecting the right shade of glitter. Either pick a colour that matches your skin tone or one that complements your dress.

In case, you are applying more than one colour, ensure that they will blend well.If you have a warm skin tone, use gold glitter on your face. Whereas, in you have a cool tone, then apply sliver glitter. If you have a neutral tone, you can pick any colour.

Some people also take into consideration the colour of their eyes when applying glitter. It is a good idea to match the colour of the glitter in your makeup with the colour of your eyes. So, if you have blue coloured eyes, a shade of blue would look best on you. Navy blue and greys look are a good choice. Otherwise brown, mauve and violet also suit blue coloured eyes. In addition, dramatic colours like silver and gold also work well.

People with brown eyes should use earthy tones like brown and green. A shade of moss light green is really nice. If you have dark brown eyes; mauve, navy blue and cream would look nice. Black, light pink and green eye shadow really suits hazel coloured eyes. Shades of brown, chocolate, dark purple, plum and dark green stand out on green eyes. In you prefer metallic hues, you can pick copper, gold and taupe.

Applying Eye Glitter: You can apply the glitter along the lash lines; just upper and lower lash lines. Another good place to apply it is the inner corner of your eyes and brow bone. You can even apply it on the entire eye lid. For a heavy look, especially for an evening get-together, apply it on eye lids, brow bone and lash lines. You can mix and match different colours on your eyes. However, make sure that you do not use more than three colours together on your eyes.

You can apply a subtle eye make-up during the day and for casual gatherings. Use white, pearl, cream hues for this look. You can also wear the popular cat eyes, for a formal occasion. Rainbow eyes, where numerous colours are used on your eyes, is also catching up. In this look, more than three colours can be used on the eyes to create a dramatic effect. The evergreen smoky look always suits dark coloured ensembles. Pick shades in brown, grey and black to create this look.