Glycerin And Rosewater Lotion

Glycerin and rosewater are both excellent for maintaining soft and smooth skin texture. Plenty of hand lotions have either or both as ingredients along with other chemicals. If you wish to have a hand lotion with natural glycerin and rosewater and without any chemical variants then you can easily prepare one at home.

The hand lotion is easy to prepare and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that it does not contain any harmful chemicals, perfumes and preservatives.

You will require 60 ml vegetable glycerin, 60 ml rosewater, rose essential oil and a clean lidded glass bottle. You can even use organic rosewater for the lotion.

Begin by taking vegetable glycerin in a glass bowl. Glycerin that is marketed for consumption is best for use since it is without perfumes and preservatives. It is essentially made from vegetable oil. Glycerin is a very good moisturizer and even alone by itself maintains the moisture of the skin.

Now add rosewater in glycerin filled bowl. Again use rosewater that is normally used for flavouring foods as it does not contain any additives. Rosewater has a pleasant smell and along with glycerin works by keeping the moisture levels in the skin intact. They both help hydrate the skin. In addition glycerin has anti-inflammatory properties and helps fight rashes and skin irritation.Mix the two well using balloon whisk.

Once both are mixed well add four to five drops of rose essential oil in the mixture. It helps the two blend well and strengthens the fragrance of rosewater in the lotion. The smell of rose is known to have calming effect on the nerves that promotes a feeling of well being and peace. In aromatherapy rose essential oil is particularly used to treat people with nerves disorder. Besides it the oil has antiseptic properties and hence makes an excellent ingredient for a hand lotion.

Once the three ingredients have blended well, pour the mixture in a glass bottle and secure the lid. Refrigerate the bottle and take out only when required. Refrigeration is important since the lotion does not contain any preservatives. Use the lotion over hands only after washing them properly. use of lotion on dirty hands attracts even more bacteria on it.