Go For A Safe, Clean Tattoo

Everyone seems to be crazy about tattoos these days. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, before heading down to nearest tattoo shop, you need to know certain dos and don’ts about getting a tattoo.

First of all, you should know what tattoo actually is. A tattoo is a type of puncture wound made by penetrating needle and injecting ink deep into your skin to create some design.

Previously this process used to be carried on manually by tattoo artists; today most tattoo shops use handheld electric instrument containing tube and needle system.

As the needle goes deep into the skin, it can cause bleeding and intense pain. It may take several hours for getting a tattoo, depending on the size and design you choose. The level of pain may vary depending on the part of body you have chosen for tattoo and the how good the person from whom you are getting a tattoo is in handling the machine.

If you have made up your mind to get a tattoo then get it done safely. Like any other cut, scratch or puncture, a new tattoo is also a wound and vulnerable to infections and disease. Before getting a tattoo, make sure your immunization schedule is up to date.

Especially you need to have tetanus and hepatitis shot completed. A person with medical problem like heart disease, skin disorders diabetes or allergies should consult their doctors and take precautions before getting a tattoo.

Avoid Infection

You may get great appealing tattoos within few hours. But don’t forget to protect yourself from possible risk of getting infected. Make sure the tattoo studio you are visiting is clean and safe. Find out all equipment like needles, masks and gloves used are disposable and sterilized are not.

Check whether the tattoo shop is licensed or not. The tattoo studio needs to have an autoclave which is a device used for sterilizing needles and other equipments, using steam, heat or pressure. And lastly Tattoo artist must be a licensed practitioner.

Taking Care of a Tattoo

Take care of your tattoo, until it heals properly. If there is any sign of infection like redness, pain, swelling or pus then rush to your doctor immediately.

Preeti Mehta