Gowns – A Style Statement For Women

Planning to wear a gown for your next perfect evening? Take a tour of the fashion statements in gown that matters. Be it your special date or a lovely cocktail party or a grand red carpet party, gowns are perfect for every grand or private occasion. For decades, designers have played with designs and colors trying to be different and making new statements every season. The trends keep changing and women love to wear gowns because it means rich and class to the fashion obsessed world.

Soft colors

Going by current trends, soft colors rule the gown market. White has been the prime choice for many designer labels but many find peaches, off-whites and creams perfect for doing different patterns. Soft and nude colors bring the cuts and designs more prominently than white in long frill gowns. Body hugging gowns in simple translucent colors is a perfect subtle way to show off a good body without going bold.

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Colors and laces

Laces are the new obsession in gown materials. Black laced gowns have been a favorite for most celebrities at various red carpet events. Light and netted material with a very basic light based cloth underneath can be teamed with laces to create exclusive designs in dark colors.

As the patterns in dark colors are more attractive and visible, designers experiment with reds, blacks, maroons and lots more. When it comes to gowns, comfort is the key. Bridal gowns don’t mean a scared catwalk anymore as the frills are so well spread over a light cloth that the bride can be very much in her own skin.

For women with that extra little flab on their tummy and waist, there are corset gowns which have been in the fashion world for several decades. The only difference again remains in the comfort zone as now corset gowns don’t mean you have to choke inside your dress.

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You can choose to wear corsets in gowns that fit you and don’t make you conscious while moving. Most corsets are in off shoulders showing the perfect little of the cleavage. One-shoulder corsets are also hugely popular with designer labels and there are endless colors to experiment with.

Flowers and Bows

Flowers and bows in fine clothing material like linen and silk has been often used in gowns. Flowing silk gowns with a right knot below the bust line makes even simple well cut dress into a magnificent style statement. Designers use the upper portion of the gown above the waist as the best place to experiment as the little and minute detailing shows off perfectly.

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In fact there are many experimental gowns in which the flowing frills are limited and start from the knee. These are basically body hugging dresses where the cut, pattern shows a designer’s proficiency in creating uniqueness. Gold and silver are new fascinations of the fashion experts.

Without going in to the creating of difficult embroidery in beads and threads, the designs are simple with neat cuts and clear colors. These gowns come in a shiny material without being very flashy. Such dresses can be worn at most events especially evening parties. Only fashion blunder in shimmer that one has to avoid is wearing complex designs as it attracts irking attention.

Gowns designed for formal events are totally different from those wore at cocktail parties. Multicolor dresses work more at casual events and at formal events the tone should be somewhat same all over. Experiments only work when a good dress is accompanied with a confident attitude. Accessories for gowns happen to be the safest way to experiment as the choices are limited.

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A good piece of solitaire earrings with a matching neckpiece is just fine. Clutches, when matched fairly, look good with gowns of any kind. Makeup is absolutely dependent on what color you choose to wear and the mood of the event you are attending. Weather you wear a Versace or Armani or may be a local designer; you need to carry your attitude when you walk in your gown.

Here are a few things that are must for looking glorious in gowns:

Wear the right size:

Wear what fits you. Do not wear clinging dresses if you know that you are out of shape. A simple gown with the correct fitting is a much better choice than wearing something expensive that completely ill-fits or shows the wrong extra bits of flesh.

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The right makeup:

Makeup should be very well balanced and not overdone. The use of shine and shimmer should be in sync between the eye makeup and lip color. The base tone should be same in tone of the rest of visible parts of the bodies.

The right hair style:

Hair is best styled up in top. Flowing hair tresses with gowns is not everybody’s cup of tea as it needs a lot of confidence while walking and moving. Hair on one side of the shoulder looks great with off-shoulder dresses. There are many simple easy-to-do-at-home styles or more conveniently taking help from a hair stylist is a good idea.

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The right heels:

Take up good stylish foot wear. For those wearing plus sizes, heels are a must. Heels make the body looks more balanced and give that little height to cover up the weight better. Colors can be anything that matches the gown.

New dresses:

People do buy new cloth from designer labels blindly on the brand name. But it needs assistance from the brand to wear the dress correctly and with good accessories.

Focus on the event:

Check what the event demands of you. Gowns for every event depend on the occasion, crowd and importance of the place. The key fashion statement is not stand out of the crowd but to remain a part of it and still maintain individualistic style statement. If you know what to wear in your shape and follow the current trends, you will find gowns a good alternative to short dresses.

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Gowns are perfect for special occasions which demand style, elegance and class together. Take a small tour of the latest gowns at your nearest designer store.