Hair Do’s for Prom Night

Like so many things in life, prom night is once-in-a lifetime occurrence. Hence it is important to look good on this very important night of your life. Looking good does not mean you have to sport the all made up look. You can look good and classy without covering your face under layers of makeup.

Hair styling is very important when we wish to distract onlookers from our face. Prom night is a formal event so choose from a variety of hairstyles. If you have long hair you can achieve the classy look by tying your hair in a bun or a French twist. If you have curly hair, pile them on top of your head with a few strands hanging down your neck. This is a very flamboyant yet stylish look. The more daring can leave their hair open by styling with straightener or curling rod.

Girls with short hair need not eat their hearts out. Short hair can also be styled according to your choice. Though you will require some styling gel and lots of bobby pins to keep your hair in place.  If you wish to sport an updo simply pile your hair on top of the head. If your hair fall out of this pile, secure them using bobby pins, gel and hair sprays.

You can curl the stray hair into tendrils and framing your face with them. It isn’t necessary to for short haired girls to sport an updo. If you don’t want to take the trouble of securing your hair with gels and sprays opt for a simpler yet classy look. Start by pulling the top half of your hair back from both the sides. Secure them with a clutcher or with two bobby pins. Next, comb the lower half your hair curling them slightly at the ends. This is the perfect feminine look that will draw attention to your face.

Whatever hairstyle you decide to wear on your prom night, you can use hair accessories to jazz up your style quotient. Tiaras, fancy headbands and clips do not look out of place at prom. You can also sprinkle some colored glitters on your hairdo as a fashion statement. Instead of wearing the flowers of the corsage around your wrist or pinning it to your dress, secure them in your updo. Pin them on the right side of updo to achieve a stylish look.