Hairstyles to Hide a Big Forehead

We all have bodily flaws that we wish to do away with. While some of us opt for surgery to get rid of these flaws the less daring ones can use make up and clothing tricks to hide them. But what if you have a large forehead that causes you embarrassment? Here are a few hair styling tricks to hide your bog forehead and look stylish at the same time.

Bangs are a great way to cover a large forehead. Neatly cut bangs do not look out of place even in formal settings like an office. Wearing a bandana to the office or social gatherings will make you look out of place so bangs are the style statement to opt for. You can also color the bangs in soft hues to look chic.

Bob can also hide a big forehead. Get your hair cut at chin length and have fringes or a flick with side parting. But this will look good only if you have thick hair above the forehead. If your forehead hair is thin get bangs instead. Get Katie Holmes bangs that fall to your eyebrow for a stylish look. Short bangs will give you a more retro feel.

For long and straight hair opt for bangs that are also cut straight and long. Avoid getting thick bangs for a wispier look a la Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada. For thick and wavy or curly hair get bangs that are thick and long but curled slightly at the ends near the eyelashes.

If you want a hairstyle like Nicole Richie, blow dry the bangs and part them slightly to lie on one side. You can opt to keep either on right or left side of the forehead. This style will also make your face appear softer giving an oval shape.

Teenagers with big foreheads have some funky hairstyles to choose from. If the hair is short, cut them in asymmetrical manner. The front should be cut longer than the back or hair on one side of the face should be cut longer than the hair on the other side. Bangs can be given a razor like cut. The bangs can also be grown to a length that can be easily tucked behind the ears. The bangs in this style are usually parted in the middle.