Health and Beauty benefit of Sex

Looking beautiful and healthy is a dream of every woman. And today men are also getting more conscious about their fitness and health. People spend both time and money in parlors and fitness centers to look beautiful and stay fit. But, at times people forget to realize that the solution to this lies within themselves, and the answer is Sex, the easiest and the cheapest natural way to stay beautiful forever. It not only gives pleasure, but also enhances beauty along with other several benefits.

Natural Glow

You don’t need to spend heavily on cosmetics, beauty parlors, etc. to look young and beautiful. You can get a gorgeous glowing skin through sex, as while doing sex there is a tremendous improvement in blood circulation which supplies oxygen to your skin, which results into rosy looks and your face starts glowing. In woman during sex, a hormone is released known as Oxytocin, which helps in cell regeneration and keeps the skin glowing and healthy. It also cleanses your pores.

Healthier Hair

During sex there is an enormous amount of estrogen produced, which works like magic to your hair making it silky and shinier. There is an increase in blood flow to the scalp during sex, which results in longer, stronger, luscious hair.

Controls Acne

Most people blame sex for acne problems. They feel that the main reason behind acne breakouts is, sex. But studies have proved that there is no such relation between acne and sex, but doing sex has a positive effect. Acne is the result of our natural hormonal changes, especially when one reaches puberty, but sex lowers these hormones and balances them. This prevents acne breakouts.

Keeps senescence at bay

To make your face appear young, firm, without wrinkles, or devoid of other signs of aging, sex works like medicine. While making love, collagen is produced which reduces age spots and sagging. Besides, reducing age spots, sex also makes your nails grow strong.

Burns calories

It has been proved in research that the number of calories burned while doing workouts in gym for one hour is equal to an hour of sex which burns up to 200 calories. This not only burns calories, but also gives pleasure and mental satisfaction too.