Hide Your Flaws with Little Black Dress

A woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without a little black dress. It is one of the most favored attire for the evening dresses,which adds glamour quotient for any occasion.

If you have do not have a little black dress (LBD), then you are missing out on the cute dress which helps you in many ways to enhance your silhouette. You have to find the right one to fit your shape.

So how does this little black dress flatter your figure? Well it can camouflage the weak body spots to give you a perfect look. It is an ideal dress to create visual illusion to an athletic body, giving it an hourglass figure look. Wear LBD with an empire waist or wear a belt, to give the impression of having a slender waist.

If you crib about your heavy bottom and do not find the right dress to hide your flaw, LBD  is the right one to camouflage it.  Avoid wearing dresses that stick to the body, you can try straight skirt. Too many details on the bottom such as ruffles or ruching should be avoided. The top should be bouncy to divert the focus from the bottom to the bust.

Those of you with heavy bust can look great in a flowing LBD, which gives an illusion of having a proportionate body. You can look elegant in box or high neckline. Plunging neckline can look awful.

Nothing is as embarassing as a big tummy. Everyone craves for a flat stomach to look gorgeous. But those of you with big tummy can always look trim by wearing LBD. It disguises the tummy to look flat and small. To create this effect wear LBD with an empire waist, it diverts the attention to bust and neckline.

If you are one among those, who is free from the hassles of an unshapely body with a curvy figure, then you can wear well fitted LBD with a V – neck to look chic. It reveals the right curves, making you look hot and sexy. LBD with a flare at the bottom can add to your poise and grace.

Isn’t it a snazzy a dress? Well, a little black dress in your wardrobe is essential to make you look stylish hiding all the flaws. Wearing the right LBD can accentuate your figure, adding that extra oomph to your style!!