High Chiseled Cheek Bones – Adds To Beauty And Sophisticated Look

Every woman wants to look beautiful and gorgeous. Beauty is enhanced by our features; it can be the eyes, nose, lips or the high cheekbones. It can be used to the best advantage to look more chic and ravishing.

Chiseled cheekbones are fascinated by many; simply because beauty and cheek bones complement one another .High cheekbones give slimming effect, thus an added asset to look hotter.  High cheekbones are considered to add sophistication to facial features.

Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Kiera Knightley, and Amy winehouse are some beauties bestowed with the genetic gift of high cheek bones. Those of you, who rave about high chiseled cheekbones, can get that sculpted look with the help of makeup. They  are considered sexy, so most like to fake high cheeks through makeup and give the face sleek appearance. But some are not satisfied with mere short transformation, they seek a permanent solution of gaining prominent cheekbones through plastic surgery.

To accentuate the height of your cheek bones through make up can be tricky. To get it done the right way, you need blush, highlighter and bronzer. For blush try soft colors to match your skin tone such as the pink, peach or rose. A cream or mousse blush works well. For complexion highlighters, either use the liquid or powder form. Light colored Shimmer blush also works well to get the desired look. The bronzer has to be  slightly a darker shade, but should complement well with your skin tone.

Follow some simple makeup art to get those high chiseled cheekbones that you crave. You can start with the bronzer, use a darker shade foundation and blend it in the hollow of the cheeks in upward diagonal movement. Follow it with the complexion highlighter along the striking lines of your cheekbones; blending it well.

Get it complete, applying blush on the apple of your cheekbones with upward strokes, away from the eye area and make up finishing spray.  Apply a dot of white eye shadow powder or shimmer stick on top of the cheekbone above your blush, just where the light can hit the strongest. The highlighter accentuates your cheekbones, by reflecting the light giving a sculpted look. The highlighter and bronze create beautiful sexy  illusion of high chiseled cheekbones.