Homemade Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a combination of chemicals that creates froth when put in water. They are used in baths for mainly their perfume and color. Many enjoy bath bombs because of their effervescent quality. It is almost like soaking in a tub full of bubbling champagne.

They come in various shapes and sizes though the most common shape is spherical. Many leading cosmetic stores keep bath bombs as they make an excellent gift item. However, bath bombs are also easy to make to make at home for gifting or for personal use.

Recipe for making bath bomb

You will require baking soda, corn starch, sea salt, citric acid, essential oil (that has a good fragrance), vegetable oil, artificial food coloring and water.

Start by putting a little water, two teaspoon essential oil like orange blossom, 2 ½ teaspoon oil, 2 drops of orange or yellow food color in a big glass bowl. Use glass bowl for mixing the ingredients because of the non-reactive properties of glass. Blend the ingredients well.

Now in a separate glass bowl add about 6 ounces of baking soda, 4 ounces of citric acid, corn starch and sea salt. If sea salt is not available you can also use mineral salt.

Once you have put your dry ingredients together, start pouring the liquid mixture slowly into it. Keep stirring while pouring. Ensure that no clumps are formed and that the liquid and dry mixture blends well together.

Once the dry and wet ingredients are blended well they should be of a semi-solid consistence. Now without wasting any time start preparing for formation of molds. You can use molds of any shape to prepare your bomb. Generally mold of spherical shapes are used to make bombs. Fill in the molds with the mixture prepared before.

The molds need not be left for long. After five minutes take the bombs out of the molds. The above listed quantity of ingredients will make four bath bombs of medium size. The size of the bath bombs will also depend on the size of the molds used.

Your bath bombs will be light peach in color and have a light orange smell (if you use orange essential oil) that will give you a refreshing feel. Store your bath bombs in dry cool place. Simply drop in one bomb in your bath tub the next time you want to relax your mind and body.