How To Apply Blush

Blush is an important part of applying makeup. Blush enhances your cheekbones and makes your face look radiant.

Applying blush can be a bit tricky and if it is applied in a wrong manner it can make the most gorgeous of women look like a clown. Most women get it wrong and it spoils the overall look of the face.

The foremost thing to know while applying blush is to know the area where it is to be applied. Blush can be applied keeping in mind the natural flush to give a glowing and radiant look. Below are few tips which can help you to apply blush properly and look stunning.Blush is available in many variants i.e. cream, powder and liquid.

Selecting the right type of blush is determined by the skin type. Women with dry skin can choose gel based or cream based blush to keep their skin hydrated. On the other hand, women with oily skin can go for powder blush. The color of the blush should be selected according to the natural skin color.

Fair women with pale skin tones can opt for pinks and peaches. Women with tanned complexion can pick darker hues of red and brown. Blush is applied using a brush. A brush with round tips of natural fibers is best for applying blush. Brush is applied on the face once the foundation, eye makeup and lip makeup has been applied.

To apply blush, dab some blush on the brush. In case the brush is in cream or gel form, apply some of it on the round portion of your cheeks. If you have problem identifying the area, you can smile broadly while looking into the mirror to highlight the apples. Start applying the blush from the apple of your cheeks and move towards the hairline.

Tap the brush gently and move it towards the temple area in circular motion. Blend the blush evenly by gently sweeping it to avoid formation of patches. For women with high cheekbones, blush should be applied focusing on the cheekbones to highlight them. For an even finishing, apply loose powder preferable translucent in color.