How To Apply Eye Glitter

Glitter eye shadow can be quite tricky to apply. You should be very careful; otherwise you will end up making your eyes appear blotched. First, apply a gel based eye shadow in a neutral colour on your eyelid.

If you do not have gel based eye shadow, you can also apply petroleum jelly ion your eyes lids. Wait for these to dry before applying the glitter eye shadow.

There are many ways you can apply glitter eye shadow on your eyes. Try using a Q-tip or glitter applicator. It helps control the thickness of your strokes. Always take very little quantity in your Q-tip or finger.  If you take too much, then it will make your eyes look gaudy. You can also choose a flat brush of medium thickness to apply glitter eyeshadow. Just dip the brush in water to get deep set eyes. This will also facilitate smooth application.

Now, start to apply the glitter eye shadow. Ensure that you use only one side of the brush or Q-tip to apply darker colours. Dab it with lighter shades on the other side. If you have two different shades, you can apply the darker one on your eye lid and lower lash line. The lighter one should be spread below the eyebrow, i.e. on the brow bone. Also, you can highlight the inner and out corners of your eyes with the lighter shade. This will help achieve a dramatic look.

However, if you want to create a more subtle look, just reverse this principle. This is a good style of make-up during the day. Just spread lighter shades on the eyelids with a flat brush. Use it on the lower lash line also. Then, highlight the inner corner of your eyes with the darker colour. You can use either the dark or the lighter shade on the brow bone. This selection would depend on the occasion and also the colour of your clothes.

While applying glitter along the inner corner of the eyes, tap gently. This will ensure you do not apply too much glitter there. If this happens, then your eyes will appear cakey and it can even cause smudging. Similarly, you can just tap the glitter brush gently on your eye lids also. When you are spreading the eye shadow, use firm strokes.

The strokes can be either long or short, depending on  the amount you need to blend. Similarly, be careful while applying glitter along the lash lines. Begin at the corner of your eyes. Draw a straight line along your eye lids, extend it straight across and towards the outer corner of your eyes.