How to Apply Makeup on Dark Skin

A dark skin is tougher than the fair skin because of the presence of melanin. Any healthy and clear skin looks beautiful. The flawlessness of the skin is its natural makeup. But at the time of make up be careful about the shade and the application of makeup ingredients.

For the dark and dusky skin liquid foundation is the most suitable one. Do not opt for oil based foundation. Water based foundation is good and easy to apply.

A sheer foundation and concealer is must for creating the perfect makeup. Some people have the tendency to buy makeup lighter than the skin shade. But that is not the right choice.

The color of the foundation should be the closest to your normal skin color. The aim of foundation is not to look fairer but to give your skin a smooth finish. On dark skin, makeup layers are more noticeable than the fair skin. That is the reason to blend the foundation well on the skin. Apply water before applying foundation on the skin because foundation blends well on wet skin. Do not forget to apply on neck and the earlobe. Tan, sun bronze and peach colored foundation are very much appropriate.

After applying foundation use baby powder to cover the extra shine. This powder is very light and helps to give sheen to the skin. With the help of a brush, dust off the extra powder from the skin. Next step is applying compact and face powder. The color of the compact should be of the same shade of foundation.

Choose color of your blusher from coral, rose and deep orange. Brown and peach shades of blusher are not suitable on dark skin. Dark rose pink goes well on the very dark skin at day time and bronze, plum and wine matches at the night. Apply blusher in a triangular shape and blend it over the cheekbones to make it brighter.

On dark skin, forest green, dark purple, blue, silver, deep plum, metallic colors like silver and gold suits best as eyeshadow. These colors make the eye look more brilliant. Apply black mascara and black eyeliner to add depth.

Matte finish lipsticks go well on the dark skin than the frosted one. Your appropriate color is light brown, bronze or raisin red. Avoid too dark or too light shades on dark skin.