How To Apply Makeup On Indian Women

Indian women are considered among the most beautiful in the world owing to their well-defined features, voluminous and shiny hair and a voluptuous figure. Indian women have dark, fair or olive toned skin depending on their ethnicity.

Majority of Indian women have pale yellowish skin tone which makes them look naturally glowing and radiant. Applying makeup on Indian women needs special care since all shades do not suit Indian skin tone.

Also, there are some specific make-up accessories that can be used very effectively to beautify Indian women further. This article tells you how to apply make-up correctly on Indian women. It highlights the shades of make-up that look great on Indian women.

Choose The Right Shade Of Foundation To Suit Your Skin Tone

Since most Indian women have yellowish or olive toned skin, you must choose a foundation shade complimenting your skin tone. Go for shades that are one shade lighter than your skin tone and those which have slight yellowish tinge to them. Foundation with yellow shades will give Indian skin tone a radiant glow and make your skin appear lighter.

Right Shade Of Foundation To Suit Your Skin Tone

Look Naturally Glowing with the Right Shade of Blush

Indian skin tones which are generally olive or yellowish look great with darker shades of blush such as maroon or coral. If are dusky, you must opt for shades such as deep brown or plum. Blush must be applied sparsely on the cheekbones for a natural glow.

Select The Right Lip Color To Enhance Your Lips

Indian women often have fuller lips which when accentuated with the right shades of lip color will make them look sexy. However, you must be careful when selecting lip color for Indian skin. Shades such as shimmering gold, soft pinks, etc. will not look great on Indian skin tone and must be avoided.

Right Lip Color To Enhance Your Lips

Plum, berry, brown, brick and rust colored lip shades look best on Indian skin tone. Wine and burgundy also work well on Indian complexion. However, you must use gloss over these dark shades of lipstick for a softer look. Always use a matching lip liner to define your lips and give them great shape.

Accentuate Beautiful Indian Eyes With Right Make-up

Indian women are famous for big and beautiful eyes which make them look sexy. Eyes are the greatest asset of most Indian women and must be accentuated using the right make-up shades.

Darker shades of eye shadow such as brown, copper, prune or plum look great on Indian women. These shades compliment the Indian skin tone and make eyes appear bigger and more dramatic. Avoid eye shadow colors such as lavender, white, pink, etc.

Beautiful Indian Eyes With Right Make-up

These do not suit Indian skin tone and will make your skin look darker.Too much glitter such as gold or silver also does not go well with Indian skin as too much glitter will make your eye make-up seem un-natural and over-done.

Kohl or kajal is an essential beauty accessory that has been used in India since ancient times. Use a dark colored kohl pencil such as dark brown or black to define your eyes. Using kajal will make your eyes appear bigger and more beautiful.Wear the Right Jewelry and Beautiful Accessories to Complete the Look

Indian jewelry is famous for its amazing beauty and intricate designs. Depending on the occasion and outfit, wear appropriate jewelry. Also, carry an ethnic hand-bag and wear appropriate foot-wear to complete your look.