How to Avoid Looking Fat or Flabby in Your Swimsuit

Swimsuit season is here. Some women are excited about it however a large percent of women will frown at that thought for the mere fact that they are not happy with their bodies and fear what they will look like in their swim wear. However, you need not worry for there is a swim suit available for every woman.

If you have a big bottom but you are happy about the look of your thighs then you can wear a one piece bikini with a high cut for your legs. A bikini in this style will help to make your legs look longer and this will elongate your entire body. For this figure you need to look out for a swim suit that hides your unwanted flab and draw attention to other parts of your body. The safest way to do this is to choose a flattering neckline like a sweetheart neck or a high neck for dramatic effect.

Swim wear designers are getting smart these days and are making these suits with shape enhancing materials. If you are a new mom and still have your ‘mummy tummy’ you can benefit by investing in one of these suits. It will hide your flab and give you a desirable shape. You can also wear a tank top with boy shorts to the beach if you can’t get your hands on a shape enhancing suit.

Tankini suits are great for those women with large tummies and busts. They enhance a woman’s natural curves while also hiding any flaws.

There are certain key elements to look at too. You can look out for a suit that has an embellishment or a belt just below the bust line. This draws attention to the bust and the upper body and does not focus attention on the lower part of your body like a flabby stomach and legs.

Don’t wear patterns if you are not happy with your body as they add a few pounds to your look. Instead you must wear monotones. Metallic colors are not a good option either. And ditch the thought of wearing white; this is going to reveal every single line and flaw in your body.

It is best to order your bikinis online. If you do so then you can try them out in the comfort of your own home to make sure that you are not oozing flesh or fat while you sit, stand or sleep on the beach. I guess this is better than trying them out in a departmental store with a buyer or shopping assistant watching over you all the time.