How to Avoid Smelly Sweat

Smelly sweat is a common problem, especially in summers where the heat gets you all sticky and smelly. No matter how much you bathe, smell of sweat is something that still bothers. It is normally because of humidity which shows direct effects on the body.

The more humidity there is in environment, the more you sweat. It is shocking but all the germs in sweat increase like anything if the sweat remains for too long over the body. So obviously, the problem areas are elbows. Sweating is caused by many factors like irregular bathing habits, bad diet, wearing clothes with synthetic fiber, etc.

So to get rid of this embarrassing situation where you can’t hangover with people simply because you smell bad, you need to get into action. Even though the natural body sweat is not smelly, but the bacterial contact with it makes it so.

Also, in arm pit areas, due to secretion of oils, bacterial growth increases. So what you can do is to change your diet. Include more of fruits and raw vegetables instead of oily and spicy stuff.

Stay away from processed food and drink as much of water as you can. The good thing about drinking water is that it flushes off all the unnecessary agents in the body that create smell in sweat though urine.

As for cloth fabric, stick to cotton as it soaks sweat. Also you can try adding 3 alum pieces in your bathing water and take bath with it. Putting ginger in underarms is a good option as well. Plus, try to keep your body hair free as hair tends to promote sweat.

If you do not want to take pain of waxing over and over again, try for permanent hair removal. The effect of injection stays for about 8 months and then get it done again. Also, keep the level of stress and anxiety low as it cause the body to sweat more than normal.

Keep a good deodorant with you do decrease the smell. For surgical methods, you can get low current which helps the body get less sweat. So try them all and smell good.