How to Care for Permed Hair

Permed hair was always in and lot of women try this style time to time, but it is very important to care for permed hair. Perming brings about beautiful and gorgeous curls but it also ends up looking dry and damaged after a few days. So make it a point to care for premed hair by using the right kind of products.

Perming ends
up drying the hair so it is very important to keep it nourished.Lot of heat treatments and harsh chemicals are involved in perming your hair. So care for permed hair and do everything to damage the repair and maintain your perm.

To care for permed hair it is very important to use shampoos and conditioners meant for permed hair.If you use any shampoo then your perm will get completely ruined. Condition your hair properly as it will nourish your hair and would not make it look dry.

As you all know that it is strictly prohibited to wash your hair at least 24 hours after you got a perm. But whenever you wash your hair make it a point to not vigorously wipe your hair with towel. To care for permed hair avoid tying the towel around your head also as it could damage your perm.

After you wash your hair just squeeze out all the water of your hair very gently and blow dry it or let it dry naturally. Do not blow dry your hair too much as that may cause split hair and dryness.

Also use a blow dryer only if you want the dry perm look.If you want to get the wet perm look then apply a little mousse or some gel on your hair.Avoid combing your hair too much if possible to care for permed hair.Just detangle your hair with your fingers to keep your permed hair intact.

You should condition and nourish your hair properly to care for permed hair. Deep condition your hair at least once a week to repair the damaged hair and to prevent dryness.Use alcohol free products on your hair and also avoid blow drying your hair in excess.

Make it a point to get a trim once every month to get rid of split and dry ends.When your hair grows then instead of perming again just get touch up done or perm the new grown hair.This will make your perm look better again.You should care for permed hair by following all these measures to keep it looking good.