How to Choose the Perfect Prom Dress and Look Fabulous

Prom is a huge thing in every girl’s life and shopping for the right dress can range from exciting, exhilarating and even exhausting. A personal stylist gave me a few tips on how to get your hands on the prefect prom dress or gown. I am going to share these tips with you so that you can get the right outfit for your special event.

Most girls and for that matter even mother’s levitate towards silks and shiny fabrics when choosing prom dresses. However you must note the fact that if your fabric reflects light it will make you look bulkier.

A satin dress will also reveal the tiniest bulges and ripples in your body. Instead of a dress in this material choose a structured dress that does not reflect and reveal those assets that you are not too proud off.

If you are looking at dresses that have sequins in it then you need to be very careful about where they are placed. Well placed sequins are fabulous but if they are all over the place you could look drab. If the sequins are on parts of your body that you would like to show case you will like the way you look.

If you are a full figured girl then you definitely have great looking arms and a good bust line. Full figured women have a tendency to buy clothes that drape them and cover all parts of their body; this is where they are wrong. You need to buy a dress that shows off your best assets.

If you are not too proud of your arms then you need to buy a dress that has three quarter sleeves. If you are busty then wear a v neck dress; this will showcase your best assets rather than revealing your figure.

Ruffle dresses are huge however if you are full figured or have a huge bust you must avoid a dress in this style as it will add unwanted volume to your figure. On the other hand frills and ruffles are great for those with a flat chest and those who want to add volume to their bodies.