How To Choose The Right Hair Color

Choosing the right hair color can be a really tricky task. It is definitely not the same as choosing an outfit in your most favorite color. You favorite color may not look good in your hair.

Some of the key points that you must keep in mind while choosing a hair color are your eye and skin color, your personality, the natural color of your hair and even your lifestyle.

Your hair color should complement your nature instead of making you look artificial.

It is believed by experts that brown is the most neutral shade of hair color and looks good on anyone and everyone. But if you are in a mood to experiment with other shades then the dictum one should follow is that your hair color must be darker or lighter maximum by two shades.

If you are very fair skinned avoid choosing a very light or very dark shade. Huge contrasts between the skin tone and the hair color tends to make one look extremely artificial. Similarly, a very light shade of hair color on a very fair person will make her hair look flat.

Avoid unnatural extremist shades like blue, purple, violet etc as they just do not look good on pale skinned people. Bronze, golden brown, reddish brown, bluish grey etc. are best hair color shades for you. You can also try red or bright gold highlights. It will complement your skin tone and make your otherwise pale complexion full of sunshine.

People with darker complexion have a broader range of hair color shades to choose from. They can experiment with very dark shades like raven black, dark chocolate etc. Various shades of blonde look great on brownish skinned people. Even unnatural shades like blue, red, purple, orchid etc. look stunning on darker completion people.

Remember; never choose a shade just because it is trendy or some model in a fashion magazine looked good in it. Rather choose a color that you can carry with confidence.

Your hair style and your hair color go a long way communicating about your personality and nature. If you feel that bright red locks speak best about yourself, then definitely go for it. But if you are unsure about a shade never opt for it. You can seek professional advice when in doubt.