How to Comb Hair Properly

Most people out there do not care about how they comb or brush their hair. I bet that mostly they just pick their comb or hair brush and comb their hair anyway they want to in a hurry.

Nobody follows the right technique. What most of us do not realize is the combing the right way can make your hair healthy and doing the opposite can cause severe damage to the hair. Combing the hair the wrong way can cause problems like split ends, damaged hair etc. Sp follow certain measures to comb your hair properly and to keep your hair healthy

To begin with the process of combing your hair, you will have to choose the right comb or hair brush. People who possess thick and frizzy hair should use a wide toothed comb or a big hair brush. People with thin hair should use narrow toothed combs to make the hair look voluminous. Also switch to a natural fiber comb or hair brush to lessen hair damage during combing. These are gentle on your hair and lessens the amount of breakage and split ends.

It is a common myth that combing your hair at least 10-20 times a day is good for hair. The truth is excessive combing could result in lot of damage to the hair. Comb your hair not more than 3-5 times a day. Never try to break open the knots. Be gentle on them and use your fingers to open them.

Excessive combing could result in split ends, breakage etc. It is equally important to remember that you are never supposed to brush your hair when it is wet. After a hair wash use your fingers to detangle your hair of all the knots. Comb or brush your hair only after it is dry.

Most people are not familiar with the right technique of combing or brushing their hair. To comb your hair properly you should always begin with the end of your hair and then proceed upwards.

Generally people tend to start combing from the root of the hair which could cause lot of hair fall and breakage. Starting from the ends of the hair will discourage hair fall. We tend to ignore such small things in daily life which should be taken special care of. So make sure from next time to comb your hair properly and the right way.