How To Do Hairstyles For Kimonos

Japan is well known for its culture and tradition which dates back to several centuries ago. Japenese culture is still being followed religiously by the residents of Japan, especially women.

The Japanese women still wear Kimono which is a symbol of their ancestral tradition. They have still kept themselves well attached to their roots.

Japanese girls who look like dolls are to be dressed properly in their traditional attire which is known as Kimono. Everything has to be perfectly done from their make up to their footwear.

Another important thing which has to be kept in mind is their hairstyle. It needs to be neatly done and should suit their face structure. The Japanese women are expert in making a great number of hairstyles and look fabulous with their well styled and beautifully decorated hair. Their hairstyle gives them a descent look which makes them look mature and grown up women well brought up.


Is the Japanese traditional dress which is worn by women depicting the old Japanese culture? Since centuries Japanese women have been wearing it. One needs to be very specific with a Kimono as to what kind of belt to be worn, what type of shoes are to be worn and even what kind of underclothes are to be worn with it.

Also one needs to have a proper hairstyle while wearing a Kimono. A Kimono is available in a large number of designs and colors so that the Japanese women have a good variety from which they can choose something which fits and suits them well.

A Kimono gives your body a nice and tender shape and makes your body structure look great and nice. So if everything is in place Kimono will make your body look delicate and tender.

Types of Hairstyles

You can make a number of hairstyles to go with your Kimono. Although the hairstyle which was worn by the old traditional Japanese women is difficult to be made and is no more in vogue these days but something similar to it is commonly made by the Japanese women in today’s time.

The old traditional hairstyle was known as chignon which is a knot which is made high on the head. Beautiful and colorful comb clips, flowers and tassels.

Hairstyles to Blend With Kimono

Kimono is a kind of Japanese formal dress worn by women and hence the hairstyle to go with it should also be very neat and perfect. Most of the Japanese youngsters prefer undo hair arrangement using either wigs or hairpins which can be matched with the designs of Kimono which are rich and colorful and offer you a plethora of choices for your hair accessories.

A well done hair arrangement will make you look descent and will give a vague impression of your background as well. Therefore your hairstyle should be well chosen from a number of stylish hairstyles in vogue.

Japanese Hair Accessories

The traditional accessories for hair which are worn with kimono are known as ‘Kanzashi’. They is also worn with yukata. These ancestral hair accessories are mainly worn by females who are well clad in kimono. These women include geisha, dancer, maiko.

They are also worn on the auspicious occasions such as New Year, ikebana ceremony and tea ceremony. Kanzashi adds elegance to your look. They give you a whole new appearance. They can be worn in a number of fashions. They are usually made of lacquered wood. But rich people also get them made in god, silver, silk and tortoiseshell.

Recently they have started being made using plastic. They look very delicate and feminine and give a sense of womanhood Kanzashi are famous amongst women from all over the world because of their unique style and designs. Every woman wants them in their dressing tables to give them a sense of completeness and womanhood.

Types of Hairstyles To Go With Kimono

There are a large number of hairstyles which can be adopted according to the hair type. Weather you have to go for a formal party or just for a cup of tea with friends; you can make your hair look the best by doing your hair in different and sexy hairstyles.

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No matter what your hair type is, whether they are wavy, straight, curled or any kind of texture you have. You will definitely find a hair style to suit your face line and which will be feasible for the texture of your hair. All you need is imagination and creativity and you can do wonders with your hair with simple comb and brush.

In Braided Hairstyle With Fancy Hair Accessories

This is a very pretty arrangement for the hair which suits quite well with a kimono. Just brainstorm your imagination and you could come up with some attractive and unique hairstyles. For making this hairstyle you just need rubber bands, u pins. Just a couple of these Japanese hair accessories and you could look gorgeous and stunning.

Braided Bun Hairstyle With Hair Accessories

Another stylish hair arrangement is braided bun hairstyle using the hair accessories. Within just a couple of seconds you can make your hair look beautiful and sexy. All you need is rubber band, u pins and hairpins. By making a simple braid were you want to put the bun you make this amazing hair style.

Accessories Required Making Stylish Hair Styles

The Japanese young girls use very cute, colorful and designer hair accessories to decorate their hair. They also use varied types of hair brushes to comb and style their hair and pins to give support to their hair which come in various sizes and shapes.

Apart from that they use colorful rubber bands, tassels, flowers, bobby pins, etc. to design their hairstyles. Accessories are very important to give your hairstyle the perfect finish and look which completes your look. And a well managed hairstyle will make you look descent and attractive.


It is a bun or a pigtail prevalent in Japan. This hairstyle has remained to be the hottest favorite amongst the girls since centuries now.