How To Do Makeup For 50-Year-Olds

With age comes wisdom, but the onset of wrinkles and lost radiance follows as well. This of course doesn’t mean that you should give up wanting to look attractive as you age. It just means following a different skincare and health regime and updating makeup tricks.

The good news is that cosmetic companies have now started paying attention to the growing needs of 50 year olds and are now developing products exclusively suited to their needs. So keep up with the trends, check out the new offerings in the makeup section of the department stores and follow the following tips to present a sophisticated chic face to the world.

Foundation, Primer And Concealer

Firstly, remember to moisturize your skin well as the older you get the more the skin loses its moisture. Next apply a primer loosely. A colorless primer is best as it not only makes skin look fresh it also helps to steady makeup.

You can try out different primers to find out what works for you. For example, some primers help to increase radiance and impart a glow while others just help to even out the skin and give tone.

Choose a cream-based foundation close to your complexion and with a sponge apply it to give an almost sheer effect. The eyes, sides of the mouth and nose should get more attention as these are more prone to lines and wrinkles and sagging effects.You can even try a waterproof version if you are going swimming.

You can now skip the powder and go straight for the concealer to touch up areas. You can even mix primer with concealer and apply. Next in line comes the highlighter foundation which is handy when you need to add a bit of shine to areas which are looking dull and drab.

Eye Makeup Tips

Try soft creamy eyeliners to give a smudged effect. Avoid sharp lining and try colors like brown, charcoal or light green. Leave the bright colors to the youngsters and you will end up with lovely looking peepers.

The eyebrows should be softly filled in with a eyebrow pencil which is close to your natural color or a shade lighter. Don’t try to color it totally in rather keep the line natural. You can use a natural eyebrow gel to set your brows if you want to avoid the eyebrow pencil.

Mascara is a must and you can even experiment with colored mascara. This helps to make lashes look longer and darker and gives them volume as well.
For eye shadows try natural color in browns and peaches and stick to matte shadows.

Lip And Cheek Makeup

Even if you are a huge fan of red or bright lip colors try to give them a miss. As you age the lips tend to look less plump and small. Thus, bright colors only enhance this effect. A natural shade or gloss or one which is more muted on the other hand helps to plump up the lips.

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Choose a lip liner to outline the lips. You may also choose a creamy lip liner to fill in the lips. Next fill in with a lip color which has shine or a glossy finish. Some lip colors nowadays also come with collagen boosting effects and this will help to give a fuller feel to your lips. You can skip the blush or use it minimally to just give a hint of color to your cheeks.

The main purpose of makeup is to enhance your natural features and disguise flaws. A 50 year old has her own charms and makeup when used sparingly and intelligently can make her the centre of attention.

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