How To Do Your Makeup Like A Barbie Doll

Today’s world is known as the Barbie world as every single people staring from 8-80 is fond of Barbie dolls as they are very pretty looking and possess nice shiny hair gorgeous dress and beautiful face.

And nowadays every girl wants to look like Barbie & dress up like a Barbie. So they are very fond of getting the Barbie look by trying to get exactly the same make-up and wearing the same gorgeous dress. Nowadays Barbie comes with a total package which includes some dresses, cosmetics, personal care and many more important things.

There are many kinds of Barbie available in the market both with fair and darker shades with raven hair others are the regular original platinum Barbie which is more popular among the girls when they are about to apply Barbie make-up on them.

One Should Follow Some Rules To Get The Perfect Barbie look

It does not matter whatever color one choose but she should keep in mind that she should style her hair by keeping it I long layered style so that the cascades fall on her shoulder, one can also make the Barbie inspired volume looking hair by using a blow drier on the hair surface and blow dry her air upside down by using the blow drier for 20 minutes instead of that one can use barrel curling iron on the 2-inch sections of the hair the iron should be hold in a vertical manner so that it creates beautiful waves in the hair. Wear a full strip eye lashes which gives a flattering look to the lady and it also looks very beautiful and gorgeous.

Use a foundation to your skin tone with a total coverage of the skin so that the face looks totally flawless and glowing like that of a beautiful Barbie. One can also apply a skin primer as the first make-up step to retain the longevity of the make-up.

One should shape and trim her eyebrows properly and make sure that there is no place for unbalanced hair. Give your skin a perfect finish by applying the translucent powder which will help to highlight the special areas of the face.

Apply the translucent powder slightly heavy in some special parts like that of on the center of the forehead, middle of one’s chin, top of the cheekbones.

One must be sure of her skin color tone in order to choose the make-up color so that it dose not look over pouring make-up on the face. Make sure that one is having innocence like Barbie so that the glow comes from within her inner self.

Cover the entire eyelid with white or light blue eye shadow with a small eye shadow brush. The corner of the eye should be slightly dark than the other surface of the eye lid.

Apply purple eye shadow on the surface of eye’s crease with the help of a foam kit applicator.

Apply liquid black-eye liner on the bottom of the upper eyelid start applying the eye liner with a thinner liner from the inner corner & then gradually enhance the line while going to the outer corner.

One should apply 2-3 coats of mascara on both the upper and lower eye lashes.

Apply bright pink blush on the apple of your cheeks.

Cover the entire lips with bright pink lipstick.

Coat the lips with the layer of shimmering and coverage of lip gloss.

If one is light haired then she must get her eye brows must be one tone darker than the hair color, if one have dark color hair then the eye brows should be more darker or the hair should be made two notches lighter than the brows the min thing is that one should define the brows more precisely so it becomes more noticeable.

One should apply more dark shade to the crease in order to define that surface properly like for example one can choose light lavender as the base color and ark violet to the crease surface. Highlight the cheek bones with light shimmery pink gold sweep away the high edges in one’s eye make up by using a eye shadow blender brush.

Barbie Doll is the most authentic style icon among the girls

The make-up of Barbie does not take much time but it needs a good artistic sense to apply the make-up minutely over the face. As creating the Barbie look needs to have a good sense of make-over as the Barbie look totally changes a woman into a girl or a doll to be more specific and the girl looks really pretty and beautiful than she usually looks in her regular attire.

Barbie doll is the most authentic style icon among the girls and each and every girl is fond of getting Barbie doll look. Though one can never get the exact look of a Barbie but still she can try to follow the look by copying the hair styles, dressing styles and the make-up of the Barbie.

One is very fond of having original Barbie circa looks of 1950 by applying ruby red lip color and black eye liner darken mostly on the corner of the eye lids.

The Malibu Barbie Look

The Malibu Barbie look is also very popular among the girls with cherry pink cheeks and a mauve or pink y shadow. Bubble gum pink lips with a ample amount of light reflecting gloss. This will gives you a nice Barbie doll look before going to the party.

Malibu Barbie Look

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The girls who wants to look pretty rather tan looking hot and sexy for them the Barbie girl look is appropriate as it provide a glance of elegance on her face and also makes her look innocent and fabulous.

The perfect make-up with perfect application enhance the Barbie look to a large extent. Starting from the base till the finishing part, every step of the make-up is very important to apply as it takes expert tips and expert choice of choosing the right color depending on the skin tone.