How To Dress For A Beach Party

Proper dress code is a must for any social visit, be it a friendly party or a formal wedding. Actually quite a lot depends on the fashion you exhibit. So be careful and rather choosy about your fashion. Like, the fashion etiquette for a beach party shall not be even remotely similar to that of a wedding party, or even an evening party.

Beach Party

Tips To Dress For A Beach Party

Please Remember

It is a beach party, so there are quite prominent chances of your getting wet. So dress accordingly. As far dress goes do not wear anything too dressy for a beach party. Neither should you wear something that is too expensive. Because beach, sand, water all around may spoil your dress to some extent. So wear a dress that is trendy, light, bright, colorful and cheap.

The Dress

Light but colorful printed summer dresses could be an ideal choice for a beach party. If you consider wearing a skirt then think of something long, as the short ones may be blown by the wind leaving you embarrassed.

In case you go for pants wear stretchable cotton pants. Summer cool material linen would make an ideal fabric for a beach trouser. Here, again one can also go for shorts or cropped jeans, but if the party continues till late evening then shorts could make you uncomfortable. So think before you choose.

As for the top, go in for a pretty floral print. Bold prints are preferred. Tube tops can also be worn, or else one can go for the short collared bell sleeve tops. For tubes choose a plain light colored one, they look more elegant.

About Shoes

In case of a beach party always stick to sandals. High heels will be uncomfortable as the heels will sink into the sand, and snickers will become too hot. So buy cheap sandals. These sandals can have back straps to make them a comfortable wear.

Beach Party Shoes

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Bag Affair

As for bags, it’s the most important of all accessories. The bag should match your outfit, and it should also go with the occasion. For a beach party carry a single colored big hold all kind of bag – one that takes in just everything, food, umbrella, mat, water, sunscreen…. A-l-l. But you don’t want to carry the huge and heavy stuff everywhere you go. So also keep a small clutch purse along, for carry money and valuables.


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If You Are Cold

It is a beach, and a beach is always quite windy and cold. So, you must carry a light wrap, a scarf or a shawl perhaps, in order to prevent catching a cold. It can also be a light woolen cardigan if it suits your outfit.

That is precisely all about beach fashion. Be casual. Dress accordingly.And in case you haven’t thought about a proper party dress code before, it’s time you begin thinking. Well don’t they say, better late than never. Try your fashion trip with the tips provided here and help yourself to a happy partying!

Dora Banerjee