How To Dress For A Black Tie Event- Tips For The Everyday Man

If jeans and sweat shirts are one of your favorite outfits to wear then an invite to a black tie affair may make you uncomfortable. Most women will have outfits in their closets that they can put together for a black tie event; men on the other hand may be stumped.

If you have any questions about what to wear then I have a few tips that will prove to be useful. The first thing you need is a tuxedo. Nothing else is appropriate for a black tie event. Now that you know what you need lets proceed to how to perfect your look.

If you anticipate a number of black tie events in the future then investing in a tuxedo will be a good option. If this is a one time affair then you can depend on renting a tux. When you are buying or renting a tuxedo keep a look out for a black tie and cummberbund. This will match your dates outfit perfectly. If you need to co-ordinate colors with your date’s outfit then you can invest in buying or renting the appropriate accessories later on. However; I must emphasize on the elegance of a black tie for a formal look.

You do not need to look like James Bond for any reason; feel free to personalize your look according to your own preference and personality. Try on jackets in different cuts and styles to understand which gives you a perfect look. You also have a number of options when you are choosing your shirts for the event. You can choose from fine pleats, delicate ribs and you also have options with the buttons on your short. Some of the most common options are black enamel or pearl finish buttons.

Lastly, don’t forget to wear the right accessories. Some of the common accessories that you will need to wear with your tuxedo are a pair of cuff links and a tie pin. For a classic look you can invest in personalized cuff links; those that are embedded with birth stones or have your initials on them will perfect your look. You also need to pay special attention to your shoes. Leather shoes are appropriate with footwear for this look.

Hope these tips will help you to put your look together. Lastly; in order to look dashing in your tuxedo you need to maintain a perfect posture. You need to look confident in your attire and a smile on your face will help you to achieve that.