How To Dress Like A Rapper

With the soaring popularity of Hip-hop music, the hip-hop fashion has also soared to great heights.  The rap style of dressing became a craze among the youth even though they did not know how to rap.  The African-American youth brought and popularized this mode of dressing into the big cities of America like NY, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia etc.  Their dress style complements the attitudes and expressions of hip hop culture.  The trend to dress like a rapper is going to stay.

It is very disturbing to know that most of the famous hip-hop singers ended up robbed and killed because of the display of wealth and pomp.  B.I.G (Christopher Wallace) and Tupac Shakur were killed on streets. Wearing thick gold jewelry was a prominent trend among them.   Men wore thick gold chains while women wore conspicuous gold earrings.  They wore costly watches and other accessories.  Multiple rings were worn on fingers.

Follow the following tips to dress like a rapper. Get big, thick chains of platinum or gold.  Wear thick finger rings.  Wear teeth caps of gold, if possible on all front teeth.  If you cut your initials on the gold teeth caps, it will give a cool look.  Over sized sunglasses is a must.  Dark, stunning shade is the fashion.  Find a jersey that is big and loose.  A hoodie will also do.  Another important article of rap dress code is the shoes.  The high tops and ankle covering boots are the popular hip hop footwear. To cap it all, wear a hat over a bandana.

Actually, to dress like a rapper means to dress practically and comfortably for break dancing. Loose fitting pants, comfortable sneakers were rampant in the East coast.  At the same time baggy pants and lace-up shoes were fashionable in the West coast.  Run-D M.C brought the black leather jackets and pants, black fedora hats, large, thick chains and black shoes into rap style.  During a period, hats, shirts and jersey were worn backwards (like in the video “Jump”).

Kurtis Blow was behind the spread of gold chains, by wearing several chains.  Later the fashion changed to platinum.  Some chains adorned with ornamental diamonds.  Rings for multiple fingers, gold cap or grill for teeth gave extra shine and sparkle to the rap outfit.